Baxter Springs, Kansas Speed Traps

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2nd and Military Ave. on the north side of Baxter Springs.

Baxter Springs, KansasAug 09, 20220 Comments

As you are just exiting Baxter Springs on the north (Alt 69) the Baxter Springs police back in behind a bush on the east side of the road. This is very close to where the speed limit changes from 35 to 45 and you are outside of town. They catch drivers when they see the 45 MPH sign and begin to pickup speed, but will base the ticket on the 35 mile zone. They have had this set up for the past month and are there most of the days. I am sure it is a good revenue source for the city. Baxter Springs, KS has always been a great town with a wonderful police department. This is changing the feeling about that as it is the talk of the town recently.

East 12th St Baxter Springs,Ks

Baxter Springs, KansasFeb 09, 20110 Comments

This is a good one, as you drive east through town on 12th street or hwy 166 the road drops suddenly down hill by the city park and soon as you top that hill they are on the shoulder waiting with the radar on you. This only happens at night it’s very dark down there, never has got me but I have seen this several times. And don’t forget the Military park north of town by the high school they back in there at night speed drops from 65mph to 35 all within 1/2 mile or so and it’s a open area. So watch out when passing through Baxter Springs, Ks on the mother road Route 66.


Baxter Springs, KansasMar 22, 20101 Comments

I drive through here alot and observe local police pulling cars over,they work the highway only, if you are 2 mph over,prepare for ticket! speed limit is 30mph.This is their only source of revenue. Beware!


Baxter Springs, KansasJan 02, 20031 Comments

Baxter Springs and Galena Kansas are both small towns. The problem the police departments in both towns are full of officers on ego trips. If you go through either one of these towns with an out of state plate plan to be pulled over. If you go through either of these towns after 10:00 PM plan to be pulled over, just so they can ask what you’re doing out so late as if 10 is late. They are rude, hateful and obnoxious. With the exception of a few officers most will purposely cause the driver to get an attitude this in turn gives them the right to search your car. Breaking lights is not beyond these departments. They regularly harass their own citizens so you can imagine how they treat nonresidents.

12th and Military

Baxter Springs, KansasMar 01, 20021 Comments

I think the Baxter Springs Police Dept. has a problem I got pulled over and pulled out for a vehicle search and the officer asked me if I was gay. What the hell is that about and I was pulled over duing 3 mph over there speed limit. Just because I had California plates and did not wear cowboy boots and a 10 gallon hat those hicks thought I was gay.

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