Colby, Kansas Speed Traps

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Interstate I-70 near Exit Number For Colby

Colby, KansasDec 30, 20050 Comments

If you’re travelling East on I-70 From Denver to Wichita look out while in Kansas! There is a money machine that they run just outside of Colby Kansas on the east bound lanes of I-70. They usually run these operations on Sunday especially around holidays when lots of folks will be travelling to see their families. What they are doing is deploying a fixed wing aircraft over the East bound lanes of I-70 about 3-4 miles before you reach Colby. They are measuring speed using VASCAR. They radio the speed to the Kansas state troopers that are waiting in the median just before you reach the Colby exit. They have been known to issue 200-300 tickets A DAY using this method. The day I passed through (middle of Nov.) they had 3-4 people pulled over at a time. with 2-3 more KHP units waiting in the median for the next bust to come down the road. The speed limit on I-70 is unrealisitically low at 70 MPH. This is the flattest most boring terrain in the USA. You will be tempted to go 80+. If you do that dont do it anywhere near Colby Kansas. These guys don’t use radar on these special ops. When you are about 10 miles outside of Colby start looking up at the sky. If you see a small fixed wing Cessna then you know what its doing up there. SLOW DOWN. I also highly recommend that you travel with a scanner. If you scan the CB and KHP frequencies you will know about these money traps many miles in advance. You will need a scanner capable of scanning trunked systems. Good luck

State Highway 25 near State Highway 24

Colby, KansasDec 16, 20040 Comments

High Traffic area, local law enforcement uses speeding tickets as a way to supplement the city buget tickets have been given out for 1 mile and hour over the speed limit.

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