Florence, Kansas Speed Traps

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south of the roundabout.

Florence, KansasJan 06, 20120 Comments

I was traveling south out of Florence and was traveling the speed limit. I may have started accelerating prior to the 65 sign, Was pulled over and was told that I was approaching 55 in a 45. Was cited for going 65. $220 fine. Ouch.

US Highway 77 near US Highway 50

Florence, KansasJul 31, 20080 Comments

Officer sits in concealed area (Rest Stop) or on gravel road south of town in a low lying area. Known to stop out of state vehicles.

State Highway 77 near State Highway 50

Florence, KansasMay 08, 20080 Comments

Highway 50 and Highway 77 in the area of Florence. You don’t have to speed to be pulled over. Have to generate that revenue!


US Highway 50 near US Highway 77

Florence, KansasMar 19, 20060 Comments

We drove east through Florence and stopped to get gas at a station outside of town. We returned to the highway, proceeding east on US 50 and were just getting up to speed with the traffic when we were stopped by a Florence patrol car and fined for speeding. We protested that we couldn’t possibly have been going as fast as the patrolman said we were, only just having entered the roadway after getting refueled. We expected to get only a warning but were hit with a fine of over $100.

US Highway 50 and 77 near Intersection of US 50 and US 77 Crossing

Florence, KansasSep 10, 20050 Comments

With a population of less than 500 people, Florence has 7 or 8 police officers who use US Highways 50 and 77 soley to make money for the city at the expense of travellers through the state. The majority of the time an officer will be sitting beside a building with a lot of junk outside, alongside US Highway 77 catching cars coming over a hill as they come into town. Quite often there is a second police officer sitting at the other end of the town alongside US Highway 50 beside what appears to be an old broken down closed service station.

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