Rossville, Kansas Speed Traps

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at or near the intersection of Hwy 24 & Carlson Road

Rossville, KansasMar 12, 20120 Comments

I am used to the speed traps – I go through the town at least once a day. My knuckles are white as I clutch my steering wheel. I am watching my speedometer instead of the road because I can’t afford to make another extortion payment. I have to downshift and waste gas to maintain the irrationally slower-than-bicycle "legal" speeds. It is 11:00 at night. I know I am a target because there are no other cars around, and there are no flashing lights visible in any direction (rare indeed).

Suddenly I spot the police car. It is in my mirror, all lit up like a Christmas tree. License and registration. What crime did I commit this time? The Rossville Policeman said my "tag lights are out". I got out to check. My tag lights were not out – the were fully functional on both sides of the license plate. But the plate was covered with road dirt since it had rained the night before and I have to drive on gravel roads to get between work and my house north of town.

When I told this story the next day at work, a woman there told me that her son had recently been stopped in Rossville 6 times in one week driving several different vehicles, each of which supposedly had one or more lights not functioning properly. Beware, weary travelers. Keeping to the snail-pace speed limits in Rossville may not be enough to keep you safe from flashing lights and heart attacks in the night.

The entire town of Rossville

Rossville, KansasFeb 19, 20110 Comments

Whether you enter the town from the north or south using Carlson Road, or from the east or west on Highway 24, if you don’t already see flashing lights as you approach town, you are probably the next one the omnipresent highwaymen are targeting. Speed limits on these roads are set outrageously and unnaturally slow at 30mph and 20mph and State, County and City Police all converge on this 2 mile cross to farm revenue from unsuspecting travelers. They typically hide their vehicles behind buildings and in parking lots, and even well off the pavement behind natural cover. They are also looking to nab you for not stopping at stop signs long enough, for seat belt "violations" and even for wearing earphones. It is time for the citizens of Rossville to put a stop to this embarrassment by forcing city officials to put realistic speed limits at least on the main access roads and stop harassing law abiding travelers.

The city of Willard. Small town south of Rossville

Rossville, KansasFeb 03, 20110 Comments

The Rossville police now have authority to issue citations in Willard. Town is population of 80. Goes from 50 MPH to 30. No reason for it there are no large roads or intersections. Rossville police or county sits in church parking lot just south of bridge.

U.S. Hwy. 24

Rossville, KansasMar 01, 20100 Comments

Coming in from the west you have less that 1/2 mile to go from 65 to 30 and you better be doing 30 by the time you hit the bridge. I was stopped just east of the bridge and she told me I was doing 47 in a 30 west of the bridge by the time I got the ticket she wrote me up as being east of the bridge.

US Highway 24 near Green Street

Rossville, KansasSep 21, 20050 Comments

Law enforcement typically sitting at the used car dealership/repair shop at the corner of Highway 24 and Green Street. The speed limit through town is 30mph and you will be cited for going any speed over that posted 30mph zone. Typically you’ll get cited for 45mph in a 30mph zone. Approximately $87.00 in fines and court costs. Spend the extra time and take an alternate route to your destination.

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