Saint Paul, Kansas Speed Traps

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East end along the highway

Saint Paul, KansasDec 19, 20140 Comments

Usually sitting on top of the small hill at the historical marker in the circle drive as others have mentioned. If you see a car or truck (usually a pickup) sitting there, assume it’s a deputy running traffic.

Also, they have been sitting in the parking lot of the church, in the parking lot of the old nunnery (large two-story brick building across from the school), and sitting in front of St. Paul Tire & Lube on occasion. This gives them excellent vantage points to run radar on both the speed limit drop as you come into town from the east, and also for the 20 MPH school speed limit.

Watch out for the flashing 20 MPH school speed limit signs if you’re heading east, the one at the east end comes on 15 minutes before the one on the west end. So they may pull you over for going 35 in the school zone when the light wasn’t flashing. They’re supposed to come on at the same time, but they don’t.

Saint Paul across from the Catholic Church

Saint Paul, KansasNov 07, 20130 Comments

I’m saying this is Not a speed trap for out of towners. The speed limit is well posted making it not even a speed trap. The officers certainly don’t sit there and look for only out of town speeders! People from in town will get a citation if they are speeding. The officers are openly sitting there, thus making it not a speed trap.

State Highway 47

Saint Paul, KansasAug 03, 20070 Comments

Sheriff’s deputies like to park at the Kansas historical point circular drive across from the church and nail speeders going over the 35 MPH zone. The drive is on a small hill so it’s easy for them to see you but when sitting in the dark it’s hard to see them. Enforcement is sporadic though.

State Highway 47 near Church

Saint Paul, KansasJul 02, 20070 Comments

The main drag is also a state highway. The speed limit drops to 30mph. They sit near or in the church parking lot, at the east end of town and catch any out of towners who start to accelerate even a car length before it goes back to 55.

KS Highway 57

Saint Paul, KansasDec 01, 20011 Comments

The Neosho Co. Sheriff Deputies hide across the street from the Catholic church in a privite drive secured by a large tree. The speed limit goes from 35, 45 to 65 Neosho Co. Sheriff’s Deputies hide across the street from the Catholic church in a privite drive secured by a large tree. The speed limit goes from 65, 45 to 35 in a short distance. There is a school near by, thus being PC for STRONG enforcement. If you have a CDL the Co. attorney will not negotiate.

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