Henderson, Kentucky Speed Traps

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Watson Lane, 600 block (bottom of the hill)

Henderson, KentuckyDec 22, 20170 Comments

The officer will hide behind the trees bordering the drive up to the Catholic Church house. Since he/she is blind to all west-bound traffic (heading to US41), he/she will cite you based on the reading on the sign bordering the next driveway to the west. If the sign is flashing “40” when you are at the bottom of the hill, you will be cited if you are the next motorist to pass by his/her car.

hwy 351 going through zion and leaving zion headed west

Henderson, KentuckyMar 10, 20110 Comments

coming out of Zion headed west toward Henderson City Limit there is a curve where there has been so many wrecks, one sign says 35 through Zion, after that it says 55 mph, soon after is the curve with 35 mph signs in yellow with lights blinking. It was 55 on youngblood stretch but is it really or is it 45 because when you head east on hwy 351 going into Zion it says 45, then soon after 55, then again 45, so which is it 45 or 55 ? Then when you get to the curve is it still 45 or is it 35 ? alot of people are doing 55. I slow down to 35 just in case it is a speed trap. Somebody correct me if I am wrong here. I am confused as to what the speed limit is, even though coming into Zion going east there are these flashing yellow signs with 35 mph on it. I thought a yellow sign meant that its recomended to go 35 not 45 or 55. It should be a sign in white not yellow if the real speed limit is 35 should’nt it ?

US Highway 41 near Ohio River Bridges

Henderson, KentuckyJul 05, 20071 Comments

Due to major bridge maintenance and rehab work on the U.S. 41 Twin Bridges across the Ohio River, the speed limit in the work zone at the Kentucky/Indiana State Line is restricted to 35 miles per hour with 10 Fort lanes. Double Fines in the work zone with emphasis on aggressive driving, and tailgating. Speeding fines start at $300 and go up with "reckless" driving considered an arrestable offense. Work to continue through mid-November 2007 with enhanced enforcement throughout.

US Highway 41 near Exit Number Owensboro

Henderson, KentuckyAug 15, 20050 Comments

The cop sits there at a turnabout point as you are headed to the US60 exit that takes you out to Spottsville and Reed and on to Owensboro. I got a ticket there so this is just to let others know about the spot.

Watson Lane between U.S. 41 North and Green river Road

Henderson, KentuckySep 04, 20031 Comments

Speed limit 30 MPH. Going west, you go down a big hill that you have to ride breaks to keep speed down. This officer’s job is financed by Federal Dollars and there is no getting out of a ticket.

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