London, Kentucky Speed Traps

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Cop sits on rockcastle river bridge zone I-75

London, KentuckyFeb 26, 20110 Comments

This cop is usually around at dusk, it’s a state trooper, he sits around the curve just as your coming up on the Bridge into Laurel county from Rockcastle, he is always on South Bound side. You wont see him until its to late.

As you go over the hill on Hwy 80 near the new Harley dealer

London, KentuckyJul 14, 20100 Comments

Cops sit in medium or on side of road just over hill top, waiting on anyone
going over the posted 45 mph speed limit

State Hwy 80 & Forest Trail No 4255

London, KentuckyAug 10, 20093 Comments

got busted by the cousin fuckers about 10 miles west of london. keep it under 10 over or they assholes will get you too. I hope the MF that got me get’s shot soon. I could have run as there was loads of oncoming traffic that held him up, but the inbred SOB ticketed me anyway. I hope the cock suckers just don’t submit the points to my home state. FUCK KENTUCKY. FULL OFF INBRED MORONS!

Interstate 75 near Exit Number 41

London, KentuckyAug 31, 20071 Comments

This is a Fake construction area. I drive through there about once a month. They have it to 55, when the construction has been finished for nearly 4 months. They paved the freeway both directions, and added new barriers on the shoulder. But it’s complete, they just left the construction signs up (not even cones left). They will nail you at double fines. Watch the truck weigh station, that’s where the so called constuction starts and that’s where a cop sits and waits- looks like the usual empty car sitting- but its Not! Beware- very crude way to make money.

Hal Rodgers Parkway Parkway

London, KentuckySep 22, 20051 Comments

KY Vehicle Enforcement has been sited about 4 miles outsided of London on the Hal Rodgers Parkway, headed toward Manchester. Very Strict in this area. Speed limit is 55 mph if you are doing 60-65 mph you should be fine.

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