Arcadia, Louisiana Speed Traps

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I-20 mile marker 71

Arcadia, LouisianaOct 26, 20200 Comments

East bound I-20 on a downhill grade. The police use the area so much the grass has been killed off and worn away to dirt. I was ticketed for 84 in a 70. I always recommend fighting speed trap citations so long as you understand you have less than a one percent chance of winning. I fought and lost. These little towns need money and a major highway is a very tempting target for short sighted politicians.

I-20, between mile markers 64 and 67, median

Arcadia, LouisianaFeb 27, 20170 Comments

I-20 between Shreveport and Ruston–about the halfway point or so, mile markers 64 to 67, both state troopers and Bienville Parish sheriff deputies sit in the median on the other sides of hills, patrolling both east and west bound traffic. There’s usually around four police vehicles, 2 sheriffs deputies, 2 state troopers. I commute from Minden to Ruston for work, and so I drive the route 2x per day. On my off day, going to pick up something from the office, I hit the speedtrap as I normally do, coasting around 73/74 mph. I was boxed in Friday, Feb. 24. Three semi-tractor trailers were in the right lane. Myself and about eight cars were in the left lane passing the trucks. I was the third vehicle from the lead. At mm 64, a state trooper came out the median and went after a car behind me. At mm 65, as I passed the deputy, his blue lights went on and he had to wait to get onto the interstate there was so much traffic. i thought surely he wasn’t coming after me. Long story short, gave me a ticket for 91 in a 70–told me that after he got my license and insurance. I assured him that was impossible. I’m always paying close attention to what I’m doing when I’m driving. I’m a former long haul truck driver and safety is always on my mind on the interstate. I’ve never driven 91 miles per hour, ever! I was very angry, and as politely as I could I assured the officer, even told him to check his detection device, or he made a mistake and pulled over the wrong car. But after dwelling on it all day, it was impossible for anyone to be doing 91 as the traffic was flowing that day. There was a line of cars in the passing lane. I was third in line, and I always watch my speed through that trap. I see it twice a day five days a week. Go to court May 2, and I’m bringing a lawyer.┬áLouisiana is a police state.


Arcadia, LouisianaOct 22, 20110 Comments

When you are coming around the bend before you get to that mall coming from Shreveport there is always a cop sitting there. I thought I saw somewhere on the news where the speed limit had changed to 75mph but I am still researching…

Interstate 20 near Mile Marker 66

Arcadia, LouisianaSep 11, 20070 Comments

On I-20 near Mile Marker 66, the Arcadia City Police and Deputies of the Bienville Parish Sherrif’s Department sit at the bottom of a long hill and run radar. The speed limit is 70; and, if traveling at 70 near the top of the hill, you will be going over 80, unless you apply your brakes, since the hill is so steep and long. Should drivers be given a speeding ticket under these driving conditions?

Interstate 20 Westbound near Mile Marker 66

Arcadia, LouisianaMar 14, 20050 Comments

sits at the bottom of a hill.

mile marker is hard to read on ticket. either 66 or 662

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