Golden Meadow, Louisiana Speed Traps

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Golden Meadow, Louisiana

Golden Meadow, LouisianaAug 19, 20153 Comments

Just, wow. I received a speeding ticket for going 43 in a 30, that was a 40 literally ten yards beforehand. The officer was waiting right there just as the speed limit changed for no reason (there was no school or construction or anything). Additionally, I was fined for having a Saints license plate holder that in no way obstructed anyone’s view of the plate, and also for only providing proof of registration electronically. The officer actually told me he “should have the car towed because I have Florida plates but I also maintain an additional address in Louisiana and could have switched my plate.” WHAT?! I will neither drove through, nor spend a single penny in this horrible place ever again.

Total Fine $620.00

HWY 3235

Golden Meadow, LouisianaOct 23, 20140 Comments

when speed limit goes from 65 to 50 anywhere along the route till the road turns into LA 1, you may encounter a radar officer who will give a ticket for speeds 51 and over. I know of Golden Meadow being a speed trap for 50 years. Careful driving in Golden Meadow.

3235, South of Wal-mart, Entering Golden Meadow

Golden Meadow, LouisianaApr 22, 20132 Comments

When you go past Wal-mart, McDonald’s, Sonic, & several other businesses, passing under a traffic signal, the limit is 65. After you pass everything it drops to 50, for no apparent reason. There is NOTHING there. Not realizing the limit dropped, my DH was driving 62 (thinking it was 65) I have lived in Mississippi all my life & have never been asked for registration. When the unfriendly officer asked for registration, I told him I was unsure if it was in the vehicle. He didn’t say well you may want to check, I’m going to write you a ticket for it. It was in the car all along… The price of their fines in Golden Meadow are a shame.
Total Cost******$439*******
$200…..Failure to carry registration
$185…..Speeding / 12mph over
$29…….Online processing fee
$25…….Article 894 (to keep violation off driving record)
We have no choice but to travel through this money hungry, hole. But from now on we will drive ridiculously SLOW, about 30mph. We will not contribute another dollar to this place. Nor will we spend any money at any business in Golden Meadow, LA.

Golden Meadow, back highway and front

Golden Meadow, LouisianaApr 22, 20102 Comments

This entire town is a complete speed trap! Not only did many of my family members receive tickets for going one to two miles over, but they give tickets for outrageous things. My cousin was pulled over along with friends, was asked to exit the vehicle. He had a 20oz. drink in his hand and was asked to get rid of it. He dropped it onto the ground near his feet since they were in front of the car…he was then given a ticket for littering!! How ridiculous! The speed limit switches from 65 to 50 when you hit this town, and if you don’t know it’s there, you’ll definitely get a ticket. The police are waiting near the town line where the speeds switch from 65 to 50. There isn’t a sign warning reduced speed ahead either. Set your cruise control and watch out….and to think, they’ve increased the speed from 45 to 50, it used to go from 65 down to 45 when you hit the Golden Meadow limit. Good luck!

State Highway 1

Golden Meadow, LouisianaMay 18, 20092 Comments

Entire stretch thorough Golden Meadow is speed trap preying on offshore workers.
Tickets for 1 mile over or under posted speeds are common.
Posted speeds are erratic and poorly marked.
Main source of revenue for municipality.

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