Houma, Louisiana Speed Traps

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At the foot of the intercoastal overpass

Houma, LouisianaApr 12, 20101 Comments

Police sit at the foot of the intercoastal overpass clocking people as they come over the top of the bridge! Its a 35 mph speed limit and they know that its single lane per each way untill the bridge then it turns into a two lane one way! So most people finally get to go around the slower drivers and guess who is sitting right where you cant see them! This should be entrapment!!

Prospect Boulevard near State Highway 3087

Houma, LouisianaMay 15, 20080 Comments

At the bottom of the bridge that crosses the Intracoastal Waterway northbound. Troopers hide in the shadows of the trees. One must be careful as your vehicle has a tendency to speed up going downhill.

Main Street near Hollywood Avenue

Houma, LouisianaFeb 28, 20080 Comments

State Troopers park on the side of the road next to a used car lot on Main & Hollywood. They are cathing people who are speeding and who run the redlight. They can be there day or night. I’ve seen them there in the morning,afternoon and at night. Drive safe.

Savanne Road near State Highway 311

Houma, LouisianaOct 03, 20070 Comments

This can occur pretty much any time of day. When driving down Savanne Rd. from Martin Luther King toward Hwy. 311 the speed limit changes from 55 with the last 1/4 of a mile being 35 mph. The police will sit right at the fire station handing out speeding tickets to motorists.

State Highway 3087 near State Highway 660

Houma, LouisianaApr 24, 20060 Comments

If you are down driving the Prospect bridge (Hwy 3087), going toward Raceland (East, I think), be aware. The state police will set up at the foot of the bridge, behind the guardrail, out of sight. They will nail anyone coming down the bridge going 55-60 mph (the limit is 50 mph). I have never been stopped, but go that way to work every day. There have been plenty bad accidents around there, so that may be the reason. Just use caution. Hope this helps.

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