Merryville, Louisiana Speed Traps

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Anywhere inside Merryville city limits

Merryville, LouisianaJul 22, 20110 Comments

You are at risk of being ticketed anywhere inside the city limits, but mainly at the city limit sign coming in from the east on HWY 190, coming in from the west on HWY 190 from Texas, and coming in from the south on HWY 110 or HWY 389. Another risky area is on HWY 110 at the school zone. They are always lurking around and are stopping people for going even 1 mph over the speed limit. Speeding tickets are the towns primary source of income. This is coming from someone who lives in Merryville. We can not get out on hwy 190, 389 or 110 without seeing at least one person stopped. One other word of warning: they will stop you if you do not come to a complete stop at the stop signs, whether or not there is traffic coming.

US Highway 190 W near Sabine River and Texas border

Merryville, LouisianaAug 12, 20070 Comments

Local police sits at city limits and will ticket anyone who drives 1 mi. over speed limit.

US Highway 190 near Sand Lake Road

Merryville, LouisianaOct 04, 20040 Comments

This stretch of 190 is between the Sabine River (Texas/LA state line)and the little town of Merryville, LA. The speed limit changes from 70 MPH on the texas side of the river to 55 on LA side of the river. The road is wonderfully built, smooth, well marked and in much better condition than Texas side of the river’s road. Merryville police has used this little stretch for over ten years to finance their police department. I used to travel that road several times a month now it is about 4 times year, there has only been twice I havn’t seen someone stopped there as I pass through. I was stopped the first time passing through for doing 62 in a 55. I have refused to spend any of my money in that town. If everyone else would do the same the towns people would correct this problem.

Northbound LA 110 adjacent to Merryville school grounds

Merryville, LouisianaAug 27, 20020 Comments

Upon entering Merryville from the south, one will see two 45 mph speed signs within 300 yds. There is a 25 MPH (from 7-9 AM & 2-3 PM) school zone sign only 0.2 mi N of the second sign. Print is small and there is side traffic to watch which will prevent one from slowing soon enough to avoid exceeding 25 mph limit at the sign. City police lurk 0.25 miles N with a clear shot to catch "speeders."

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