Pollock, Louisiana Speed Traps

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US 165

Pollock, LouisianaOct 12, 20120 Comments

The speed limits have finally been raised to 45 thru town, not that that helps. They sit at the bottom of a hill passed a gas station waiting. they have Dodge Chargers and Tahoes and sometimes there’s a state cop there too. Watch out for the young guy, town guy.

On the down hill side of the town heading out of town

Pollock, LouisianaJun 28, 20120 Comments

No markings. No businesses or homes. no clear reason for the 45 Limit. The main reason is to catch the unsuspecting motorist driving safely to give a ticket.

US Highway 165 North near State Highway 8 East

Pollock, LouisianaMar 27, 20060 Comments

Pollock police sit on the side of the road and will stop you if you are going 31, the posted speed limit is 30 mph which drops from 65, to 55, to 45, then to 30, with signs, only on two of the decreases, also, very recently, they got a new police car, which is very dark blue, or possibly black, so at night they are practically invisible until you are right there, and they don’t allow for any differential in your speedometer, if they stop you for 31, or 32 mph, there is no point arguing , you will be getting a ticket anyway, and it is a very small town, if they give you a ticket, there is no point trying to fight it. (Pollock–Grant Parish)

State Highway 165

Pollock, LouisianaMay 26, 20050 Comments

I believe that the name of the highway is 165 north, but I am not certain. However it is the main road in Pollock. The speed rapidly changes from 55mph to 35mph and the cops sit right by the 35 sign and will write you a ticket for going 36.

US 165

Pollock, LouisianaJan 01, 20020 Comments

pd vehicle siting at 45 mph sign ,the speed is 30 mph before you get to the 45 mph sign, however the officer will say the speed limit does not change from 30 to 45, until you pass the sign."speed trap"

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