Port Barre, Louisiana Speed Traps

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Westbound 190

Port Barre, LouisianaApr 05, 20132 Comments

As one enters the provincial burg of Port Barre (population 3000 inbred, drooling, banjo-strumming, Cajun Neanderthals) the speed limit goes from 65 to 45.
I was cited for speeding even though I was not. I was however guilty of driving a car with out of state plates.
The fat cop with powdered sugar on his shirt shrugged when I asked him if I was actually speeding.
Avoid Port Barre at all costs. Stay on the Interstate.

Right inside of Town

Port Barre, LouisianaJul 30, 20120 Comments

I noticed that the speed limit was going down as I was coming into this town so I slowed down, the signs are not very obvious, but I went the speed of traffic. I was in the right hand lane and saw a 45MPH sign ahead so I continued to brake. On my left a car with Louisiana plates was going at least 10-15 MPH faster than me. When I passed through the town I saw that I could begin to speed up, that’s when I got pulled over, the cop said that I was speeding through the town at 59 MPH!!! Really??? I know he got the guy on my left, but pulled me over instead because he saw my California plates and the town obviously needs money. Find another route because they are everywhere and will find any reason to give you a ticket.

port barre Louisiana

Port Barre, LouisianaJul 22, 20120 Comments

Make sure when you see the 45 mile an hour speed sign you are doing 45. My wife was doing was doing 53 slowing down when stopped by the local law. A citation was in order but one hundred and fifty five dollars ($155.00). Living in Idaho knowing full well we cant return to protest. We now will avoid port barre when traveling back and forth from Idaho to New Orleans.

West bound approaching Port Barre

Port Barre, LouisianaMay 14, 20122 Comments

Beyond "speed trap" mentality. Police car in left lane and we were behind him. When traffic moved out from the only red light, he intentionally went extremely slow. After following him in left lane with him continuing to go strangely slow, we moved to the right lane and went around him, still below the 45 mph speed limit. We were ticketed for passing on the right and following too closely! Now when we go through there, we stay in right lane and if a car is in left lane, we will not pass it, no matter how slowly they go. We are also considering alternative routes.

East side of town on US 190 eastbound.

Port Barre, LouisianaFeb 27, 20112 Comments

They (city police car) parked between 45 MPH and 65 MPH signs. While leaving the 45 MPH zone on the thru highway and accelerating up to the posted 65 MPH, which is within only a few yards ahead, I was stopped @ a quarter of a mile down the road . The cop was very arrogant, had no sympathy and was rude; threw my driver’s license, registration and insurance card into my car.
The cop said he clocked me on radar going 53 MPH in the 45 MPH zone.

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