Sicily Island, Louisiana Speed Traps

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425 South Bound

Sicily Island, LouisianaJun 11, 20190 Comments

Before you get into the depth of the Sicily island town and notice the geographic and scenic change, the 425 highway mph of 65 mph drops to 55. As the scenery changes and you begin to slow down a Sicily island cop is literally backed into a gravel drive that’s shaded with trees and shrubbery that’s used for a power or electrical company and pulls people over relentlessly. I was going 66 in a 55 and received a ticket that was $275. I’d have a 89 in 70 ticket outside of New Orleans and the price was only $175, 11 mph over is ticky tacky to being with, but the ticket costing $275 is straight up theft. If I hadn’t slowed because of the change in scenery I can’t image what 15+ mph over would have been in this dead beat town. This is legal extortion executed in order to town fund this town’s government. They have a total population of 526 people. 5 tickets a day of $275 pays their 3 police officers salary for the day and keeps the lights on in their 1500 sqft “courthouse”.

State Highway 15/U.S. Highway 425

Sicily Island, LouisianaFeb 24, 20110 Comments

Day time: On north side of town, patrol car (Ka-band) sits on west side of highway behind a curve to catch south-bound traffic.

Night time: Same as above, but will also sit in the median just before the curve.

As you near Sicily Island, speed limit drops from 65 to 55, then from 55 to 45 to 40. Speed trap is very, very effective.

State Highway 15 near State Highway 8

Sicily Island, LouisianaJun 09, 20070 Comments

Entering town on Hwy 15 from the north, you round a curve where the limit is reduced rapidly; officer parks out of your view and gets you on radar before you can react to the quick change in speed from 55 to 35.

State Highway 15

Sicily Island, LouisianaDec 14, 20040 Comments

While heading north going toward Monroe, the speed limit drops down to 30 mph at a reasonably rapid rate, but the clincher is when you’re passing through leaving town. The limit remains low, but people have a tendency to speed up because they’re heading out of town. The policeman sits on the east side of the highway, facing south, and clocks people. I know of numerous amounts of people that have been stopped there. Be aware of your speed to avoid getting stopped!

Hwy 15 North Side of town

Sicily Island, LouisianaSep 25, 20020 Comments

Local cop sits on southbound side of Hwy 15 where the new 4 lane narrows to a two lane going into town (from North side)and faces Northbound. I haven’t seen him lately (9/26/02) but don’t let your guard down. These small town types are ruthless.

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