Vernon, Louisiana Speed Traps

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State Highway 28 from Alexandria Airport goes from 4 to 2 lane near 65mph changes to 55mph, only one sign for over 25 miles into Leesville, speed trap

Vernon, LouisianaApr 03, 20080 Comments

Sherriff and/or state patrol wait on Eastbound shoulder facing Westbound traffic going to Fort Polk, Leesville, LA. As you pass from State Route 28 four-lane divided highway at 65mph to two lane 55mph, there is only one sign, which at night is hard to see/notice. There is no other sign for about 25 miles to Leesville where as you approach State Route 468 the speed limit goes back up to 65mph. The 65mph is well marked, numerous signs about every mile or so, but on the part out of the airport at Leesville to midpoint State Route 28 to Leesville the police actively wait for "revenue" by way of speed trap. I figure it was my donation to Katrina. I’ll never go back unless I have to. We counted the signs on the way back to the airport from Leesville to Alexandria in the 55 mph zone. We only counted two signs for the Eastbound traffic going to Fort Polk.

US Highway 28 West/East near The entire higway

Vernon, LouisianaJun 20, 20070 Comments

Louisiana State Troopers are constantly patroling the entire 40 mile length of this highway, from Alexandria to Leesville, LA. Sometimes only one trooper. Sometimes as many as five troopers in ten miles. Speed limit is 55 in the two lane areas when it could be 65 all the way. Local parishes thrive on the speeding fines.

State Highway LA 117 near Mile Marker

Vernon, LouisianaMar 15, 20060 Comments

As you are travelling north from LA 28 on LA 117, there are 15 miles of HWY 117 before you reach the haven of Natchitoches Parish. Those last 5 or 6 miles are routinely monitored. I travel the road Monday through Friday. I see a Patrol car 4 out of 5 days at the least – mst often with someone pulled over. They generally won’t get you for 9 or less over -ther are too many that do 15-20 over. It is a lonely road and those last 5-6 miles in Vernon Parish are straight and hilly, offering a multitude of trap sites. However, I never see a patrol car or a trap at night – they run from about 8 AM to about 430-500 PM. The good news is that the last 28 miles in Natchitoches are virtually patrol free. In the last year, I have seen one patrol car on the road (moving) and he didn’t have his radar operational.

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State Highway 8 near Simpson Crossing

Vernon, LouisianaJul 31, 20040 Comments

Louisiana State Police set up over hill. Same road in Texas would have 70MPH speed limit, in Louisiana the speed was set to 55!

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