Westwego, Louisiana Speed Traps

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River Road near Warehouses

Westwego, LouisianaFeb 20, 20082 Comments

Police hide behind a loading dock at the warehouses on River Rd in Westwego. The warehouses are located just after Klein Street headed West and Just after an S curve when headed East.

US Highway 90 near Alario Boulevard

Westwego, LouisianaDec 06, 20070 Comments

At any given time throughout the day, there are several State Troopers posted in the bend of US 90 about 1/4 of a mile after the split to go to the Huey P. Long Bridge or the Westbank Expressway going eastbound. They sit just before Moon’s Towing either on motorcycle or in a vehicle. Beware!

LaPalco Boulevard near Victory Drive

Westwego, LouisianaSep 20, 20070 Comments

The police cower in the median or on the side of the road behind trees and planters while shooting radar,will ticket everything from speeding to no seatbelts,this is a major source of money for the Westwego Police Dept.

4th Street near the whole Street

Westwego, LouisianaMar 14, 20061 Comments

The entire City of Westwego is one big speed trap. Any thru street`s speeds are dropped coming into the city & they take EVERY advantage of this to extort every penny from you that they can. The WORST street for this is 4th street, a main road thru the city that has a very safe,reasonable & comfortable speed limit of 35 in EVERY other town it runs through EXCEPT WESTWEGO,in Westwego it suddenly drops to 25! and BAM! they have you!They hide everywhere throughout 4th street in Westwego shooting radar, but especially at the city limits, taking full advantage of every unsuspecting motorist not familiar with this city who isn`t looking for the very few & poorly marked speed limit signs that are supposed to indicate a speed limit (which HAPPENS to be 10 MPH lower than every other town this street runs through.) River Road is also a huge speedtrap, as well as any regular street throughout the city. Expect cops to be cowering behind every and any tree holding a radar gun, jumping out in front of you as you pass by.

Lapalco Boulevard

Westwego, LouisianaMar 12, 20040 Comments

The entire part of Lapalco BLVD in Westwego is a haven for speed traps. Heading east on Lapalco from Marrero, be very vigilant once you get into Wego. The Westwego cops hide in no one particular place. They might be on the levee (next to impossible to see them coming from the west), on the side of the road, or near/under the bridge where Westwego turns into Nine Mile Point. In the day it’s fairly easy to spot, but be careful at night. The road is fairly dark and makes for good cover. They like to hide under the bridge and gun you as you coast down, not thinking of hitting your brakes. The speed limit is 35, underrated for that road. Sometime’s there will be two to four cops writing tickets. Often you can get away with 5 miles over, but I’d recommend no more than 4. Ten over and they will get you. One good indicator is the flow of traffic, if people are creeping, the patrols are probably out.

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