Richmond, Maine Speed Traps

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School Zone on 197

Richmond, MaineMay 24, 20120 Comments

Police routinely set up shop to watch the school zone, even when there are no children around to observe caution for; the signs say “15 MPH When Children Are Present,” but the reality is “15MPH When Police Are Present”. Drivers are simply afraid of going the speed limit through this area when there aren’t any kids, but the caution lights are flashing.

This morning Richmond was out in force – three vehicles. 1 marked patrol car, 1 unmarked black Chevy Yukon with side-mounted search light, and 1 completely inconspicuous white Ford Explorer with no exterior mounts at all. All three vehicles were spaced evenly along the school zone with lights flashing to alert traffic to the children (which were present).

Several Richmond Hotspots

Richmond, MaineApr 12, 20110 Comments

Observed patrol vehicles: 1 unmarked Black Chevy Yukon w/ side light, 1 White unmarked Chevy Yukon w/ side light, other marked patrol vehicles.

Richmond is a small town with several good hiding spots for cops and speed limits that “feel” 5-10 MPH under what they should be (a 25 in Richmond might be a 30 or 35 in any other city). It’s also a major through way for anyone living east of there to access I-295. Observe the limits carefully. I’ve seen drivers pulled over for failing to signal, slight speeding, etc. It’s not Woodworth Luisiana, yet, but they might get there.

Major spots:
(1) Hiding on 197, waiting to catch drivers as they come off the rotary bridge near Old Ferry Road- 30MPH on the bridge, 40MPH on the road.
(2) At the intersection of 24 and 197, a gravel patch facing West to catch drivers coming down the 25MPH residential zone and before they get to the 40MPH 197 area.
(3) At the bottom of the 25MPH residential zone near the Water facility, just before 24 and 197 split again. They face up the hill to catch anyone coming down too quickly.
(4) 197 West next to the Cotton Cemetary, but before the Richmond Public Library. Speed limit drops from 40MPH to 30MPH and the cop sits in the gravel turnaround at the bottom of the hill to catch drivers from both directions.

The unmarked SUV patrol vehicles are a relatively new addition and have worked to catch many speeders since they were introduced just by following drivers.

State Route 197 near Main Street

Richmond, MaineApr 06, 20061 Comments

RTE 197(Main St. which then turns into County Rd. as you travel west) is patrolled most every morning to catch working class slobs blaintently (5 MPH over) speeding on their way to work. This is done so the town of Richmond can pay (justify) their 24 hour a day police force for their 3500 residents and finance their "big city" type budget. Watch your speeds!

State Highway 197 near Parks Road

Richmond, MaineApr 03, 20061 Comments

Heading into Richmond on Route 197 as you crest the hill just above Parks Road you can see for almost one mile right into town. The posted speed goes from 50 mph to 30 mph to 25mph. The Police can see your vehicle for the whole distance. They usually only stop for 10 over. When they ask you, "Do you know why I stopped you?" Tell the truth because if you lie and say, "No sir!" You will get a ticket.

Alexander Reed Road near Williams Street

Richmond, MaineApr 24, 20050 Comments

Traveling south on Alexander Reed Road the speed limit is 45 mph. As you crest the hill it turns to a residential area with a 35 mph zone. the Richmond Police have a half mile of unrestricted visual zone and can see you as you crest the hill into the 35 mph.

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