Greenbelt, Maryland Speed Traps

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Cresent Road between Lastner La and Greenhill

Greenbelt, MarylandSep 17, 20100 Comments

The Kenilworth entrance to Greenbelt. Once you pass the lake on the right and Boxwood Village on the left you approach a long hill which is next to impossible not to exceed the 25mph speed limit. The local cop will be at the foot of the hill on the right where there is a cut right out across from the church.

I grew up in Greenbelt and this used to be the No. 1 speed trap. Another one is at the foot of Lastner La. Again at the foot of the hill.

Goodluck Road

Greenbelt, MarylandApr 21, 20100 Comments

Across from Duvall Highschool. School zone area..fines double. Posted speed is 30mph.

Mandan Road

Greenbelt, MarylandOct 09, 20060 Comments

Make a left turn on to Mandan Rd from Greenbelt Rd ( Rt 193 East).Once the apartment / condo sales office passed Mandan rd is downhill about 1/8 mile. The curvy downhill road is where the Greenbelt Local police are waiting to hand out tickets. The speed limit is 25 miles , but unfortunately the downhill makes the vehicle go over 35.

295 Parkway near Goddard Employee Exit

Greenbelt, MarylandJul 18, 20060 Comments

This trap is located on North bound 295 "Baltimore Washington Parkway" at the Goddard Employee Exit. This falls within the city limits of Greenbelt in Prince Georges country. A Google Map of the site is:

This is a particularly nasty little trap. Typically this exit – which only servers the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Employees – is empty during daylight hours. In the evenings however, it is an ideal trap location. There are absolutely no artificial lights anywhere within sight of this location. Under the overpass, once dusk has settled, a vehicle can be parked in the slight depression next to the road and will be completely invisible until you are nearly on top of it. This situation is exploited to great effect by the officers on the parkway. The visibility from this traps extends all the way back to the previous onramp of 193 "Greenbelt Road" just after the I-495 "DC Beltway" exchange.

The speed limit is 55. However, in the evenings when this trap is in operations, traffic will usually flow around 70. Be vary wary of traveling as a lone vehicle along this mile of road.

Typical behavior of locals will be decelleration a long distance before the trap (pretty much at the 193 on-ramp). The observant motorist will also notice the all too obvious tell tale sign of a present officer as traffic ahead of them heavily brakes upon passing a vehicle in the trap. The braking is far too late to "save" themselves; however it is a clear warning to those upwards of 1/2 mile back with clear visiblity of this behavior but no visibility of the cloaked vehicle(s) in the trap.

Rarely if ever is there more than one vehicle stationed at this trap – just don’t be the lead speedster or stick out from the crowd and you’ll pass through this area fine.

All over

Greenbelt, MarylandMay 08, 20021 Comments

The cops there are very good. I would suggest if you don’t want to get caught, drive the speed limit.

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