Harford, Maryland Speed Traps

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Interstate 95 near Mile Marker 71

Harford, MarylandMar 23, 20070 Comments

The state police will sit on the NB left shoulder, right after the "emergency turn around" and will get vehicles in any lane using laser. Please be careful! Getting a ticket is not your biggest concern in this area. These guys will walk right out into any of the 4 lanes to pull a car over and it becomes insanity on the roads when people start slamming on the brakes to avoid hitting them. I have been in the right lane of the four lanes and have run out onto the right shoulder to avoid running into a car or truck in front of me, slamming on their brakes (and yes officer, I had plenty of distance between me and the vehicle in front and yes I am doing 65).

There will usually be 2-4 marked and unmarked cars working this area. The sad thing is that a few miles away in Edgewood, the area is overcome with gang violence including drugs, murders, other crime. These police officers would be better spent saving lives in Edgewood than putting my life in danger on a very safe road.

Interstate 95 near Mile Marker 77 North

Harford, MarylandJul 23, 20060 Comments

I-95 Northbound Left Lane – State police sit on shoulder with trunk lid up so you can’t see their car. Slow down after you pass exit 74 and resume speed after exit 77.

Brier Hill Road

Harford, MarylandJul 23, 20060 Comments

State police and Harford county Sheriff’s department run radar/laser on Brier Hill between Todd Road to the North and McPhail Road to the South. Road is a divided highway with no residences fronting the road with a 30 mph speed limit. Enforcement is in both directions. Sheriff Deputy will hide behind Safeway and shoot radar across playground catching vehicles northbound on Brier Hill. Not sure if radar is picking up a true reading considering it’s not a straight path to veicle being obeserved.

Rt 1 Bypass near Harford Road

Harford, MarylandMar 01, 20060 Comments

Going South, after a congested area a clear stretch often finds radar pointed right at you, look at the top of the hill just before the State police barracks.

US Highway 1 near State Route 222

Harford, MarylandApr 08, 20040 Comments

One vehicle, often a van, drives well under the limit. This vehicle clocks your speed when you pass. A State Police vehicle, follows you and tickets you about a mile up the road. The van enters route 1 from 276 in Cecil County and the State Police are on call down to route 543, in Bel Air. This section of Route 1 is called Conowingo road.

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