Rockville, Maryland Speed Traps

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16100 block on Crabbs Branch Way

Rockville, MarylandAug 19, 20110 Comments

I’ve gotten two tickets on this street and have not been able to visibly see where the camera is.

Viers and Scott Dr

Rockville, MarylandMay 06, 20111 Comments

Dangerous because it is mobile. Tall Tin square box on side of road. My friend and I have both gotten tickets on separate occasions.

Rt. 28

Rockville, MarylandSep 17, 20100 Comments

Looks like R2D2 from Star Wars. Here is the text from a forwarded email sent through my office describing the camera and its ridiculous capabilities:

With the type of job I involve daily, I was able to talk to the company that manufactured these types of camera today and found out about its capability. It not only has radar but also using laser to measure your speed when you pass it. Two cameras lens on the machine, one face forward, and one face the other direction. That means if you were speeding, it already takes your front license plate when you approach and verifies the image with your back license plate when you drive away and record your speed in between. And if you don’t have front license plate, Montgomery County is going to pass a law soon that will give you a ticket (on top of the speed ticket).

There are also empty slots available in the module that will allow operation modules to be inserted and to hook up with signal from satellite (which is been tested in Britain right now), convert information to measure your speed (much like the principle of GPS.)

So be careful out there. These new types of camera is portable and powerful. It can measure your speed up to 150 feet away (instead of 30 feet of current fixed pole one.) And it can be moved to anywhere at the drop of the hat. And because of its size (about 1.5 feet tall), it will be too late for you when you spot it.

Tower Oaks Blvd @ I-270 N exit.

Rockville, MarylandSep 02, 20100 Comments

There is a speed trap on Tower Oaks Blvd right before the exit for I-270 N. Cop cars/cop on foot with radar routinely set up at the entrance to 2701/Advance Chiropractic Rockville. The speed limit is 35 but because the road is downhill and angled it is easy to get up to 50 without having your foot on the gas, and the parking lot entrance is obscured by trees.

Edmonston Rd.

Rockville, MarylandApr 20, 20100 Comments

On Edmonston Rd. Between Rockville Pike(Rt. 355) and Viers Mill Rd. about 300 to 400 ft on the left side towards Veirs Mill Rd. LOOK FOR SILVER BOX ON CURB or BURGUNDY or WHITE DODGE CARAVAN WITH A ORANGE CONE IN FRONT>>>>>>>>>> SPEED TRAP

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