Berkley, Massachusetts Speed Traps

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Padelford Street near Exit Number 11

Berkley, MassachusettsAug 18, 20081 Comments

The police car hides on private property, just off Route 24. When you stop a the stop sign the police car comes out and follows you with his headlights lights off. He then flashes his lights at you can comes at you at a high rate of speed. If you speed up to avoid a crash, he tickets you. If you maintain your speed he slams on his brakes and tries the same thing a few times before he gives up.

Paddelford Road near State Route 24

Berkley, MassachusettsApr 14, 20080 Comments

right off the highway, they hide out. if it’s dark, their lights are off.

State Route 79 near Marty’s RV

Berkley, MassachusettsSep 28, 20070 Comments

Rt. 79 near Dunkin Donuts and the RV Dealership almost into East Taunton is a hot spot. The speed limit north bound goes from 40 to 25 just before the flashing yellow lights. Lots of accidents there so they drop the speed limit to the ridiculous speed of 25.

Also make sure you come to complete stops at stop signs they will write you up for coasting through. The 4 way stop in the center of town near the Fire/Police Station particularly. They park in the dirt driveway near the barn and look for things like expired inspection stickers, malfunctioning lights and expired registrations. This town shows no mercy all are ticketed and/or towed.

I am a firefighter in Berkley and believe me obey the speed limits everywhere going through this town, they roll with dash mounted units. I have been towed and ticketed with a $100 fine after leaving the Station and I was less than .1 miles away for expired registration. Only 2 days over.

Padelford Road near Limo Company

Berkley, MassachusettsMar 29, 20060 Comments

Police in this town are extremely aggresive in ticketing. Padelford has a posted speed of 30 mph which if driven will result in a large amount of traffic directly behind you, but do it or you will eventually get a huge ticket ($10 per mile over the speed limit with no breaks).

Intersection of Route 79/Myricks St and County St

Berkley, MassachusettsMay 24, 20030 Comments

Officers frequently take advantage of the sudden drop of speed limit from 40mph to 25mph in front of the Dunkin Donuts plaza. Usually park in the RV Dealer’s lot or behind the farm stand across the street.

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