Cambridge, Massachusetts Speed Traps

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Main Street near 1st Street

Cambridge, MassachusettsFeb 22, 20080 Comments

Police will wait at the Cambridge side of the Longfellow Bridge with a radar gun tagging people on the down side of the bridge. More active at the end of the month.

Quincy Street near Massachusetts Avenue

Cambridge, MassachusettsAug 24, 20060 Comments

In the morning rush, there’s often a motorcycle cop hiding at the end of Quincy Street at Mass Ave/Harvard Street (in Harvard Square), pulling people over for rolling through the stop sign at the end of Quincy.

State Highway John Gilmore

Cambridge, MassachusettsMay 21, 20060 Comments

This trap is on the Cambridge to Charlestown side of the bridge. As you enter the bridge after going under the Green line T tracks, you will see your first "Speed Limit 30" sign. As you continue on the span, the roadway rises and you will see another "Speed Limit 30" sign about midway across the bridge. A patrol car will usually be located just over the crest on the right shoulder and about 100 feet after the 2nd speed limit sign. The state trooper will either use a K-band radar, Ka band radar, or laser gun. Those that get pulled over will be waved over to the side of the road where a ticket will be issued. This trap can be see during non-rush hour times. This is a well concealed spot since you will not see the patrol car until it is too late.

Main Street near Longfellow Bridge

Cambridge, MassachusettsAug 31, 20050 Comments

Coming over the Longfellow Bridge and into Cambridge, there is usually a cop standing beside his parked car about 50 – 75 yards past the end of the bridge, aiming radar at the bridge traffic. Since the Cambridge-bound side of the bridge has almost no traffic during this time of day, it is very possible to go very fast in this 30mph zone, so watch out. On multiple occasions, people have passed me on the bridge only to get pulled over as soon as they enter Cambridge.

Broadway Street near 3rd Street

Cambridge, MassachusettsAug 26, 20050 Comments

Coming across Longfellow Bridge into Cambridge, there are often police (cars or motorcycles) stopping numerous vehicles. Speed limit is 30, but many cross the bridge at 40+. They’re hard to see, blending in with other parked cars. Enforcement is sporadic, sometimes several days in a row, sometimes not for a couple weeks.

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