Hatfield, Massachusetts Speed Traps

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I-91 Southbound

Hatfield, MassachusettsFeb 01, 20020 Comments

Hidden behind one of many overpass abuttments you may find a two car trap aiming a new lidar at you. State cops usually there on weekends. I got nailed on a sunday @4 pm. Dont try a runner cause the chase car is waiting. So when johnny longarm steps out into traffic and points at you, you better pull over.

I-91 South/ North

Hatfield, MassachusettsJan 01, 20020 Comments

I commute from Greenfield to Springfield every workday so I see the State police quite a lot on my way to work and home. I normally see at least 2 cars pulled over by staties somewhere in each direction. There are State police barracks right off I-91 in springfield near the Armory St exit of 291 as well as in Northampton near the hatfield line and they actively patrol as well as park on the shoulders and service u-turns quite frequently. Most often I see them cruising about 80 in the fast lane trying to catch up to speeders. They will come up quite fast in the left lane. I am always looking in the rearview mirror and its saved my butt quite a few times. There are several unmarked cars they use, I have seen an all-black taurus quite often recently, also an unmarked Bronco with lights in the grill. I see the black taurus in the u-turns, or off the highway shoulder w/radar during rush hour. They LOVE hiding under the bridge in Hatfield nailing people coming southbound. Usually they set-up with two cruisers, one cop will stand facing traffic with the radar gun and the other will back up hidden near the bushes. I have seen 3 cars pulled over at the same time there. I-91 S in deerfield they frequently sit in the u-turn just after the weigh station. Always slow down there! Police often sit waiting for speeders right near i-91 and I-90 intersect, both directions. Also, the hatfield on-ramp right near C+S wholesalers is a risky spot. They park back a ways on the on-ramp where you cant see them, they clock you with radar passing. It is too late by then. I see them sit in the wide turns of I-91 off on the shoulders during rush hour. Be careful in corners you cannot see around. They are sneaky! Overall, there are parts of I-91 that are safe, but you have to know where the risky spots are, because more often than not they -will- be somewhere along this route. I slow down near any bridges or overpasses and I look very carefully at the u-turns and corners. I have not gotten nailed yet in the 5 years i have been commuting. But many many others have not been so lucky. State troopers around here have real attitudes, I wouldnt advise backtalking to them. Be nice and they might give you a warning.

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