Springfield, Massachusetts Speed Traps

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Roosevelt Avenue near Blunt Park

Springfield, MassachusettsMar 15, 20040 Comments

Speedtraps are frequently set up along a two mile stretch of Roosevelt Avenue between Wilbraham Road and Bay Street. For whatever reason, the speed limits are different depending on which direction you are traveling, i.e. 35 mph or 40 mph. They are well marked, so look for the signs. Favorite locations are behind Putnam Vocational High (look for the football field), where unsuspecting drivers headed south will find the radar set up in a closed off entrance to Blunt Park. Also on the southbound side, you will occasionally find the police parked on the grass, just after you pass under the State Street underpass. This is about 1/2 mile past the first location. On the northbound side, the favorite location is where police will park on side streets (usually Peer Street), across from the hockey arena.

I 290 (just past St. James exit)

Springfield, MassachusettsJun 15, 20030 Comments

They just tuck themselves in the in front of the off ramp and you can’t see them until– it’s too late.

I-91 South, 1/2 mi past south-end bridge overpass

Springfield, MassachusettsMay 23, 20030 Comments

Leaving Springfield going south there is an S-curve on I-91 going under the south-end bridge. As the curves straighten out, State Police will sit on the RH shoulder of highway in a black Ford Excursion or Crown Vic taking radar with a chaser cruiser up ahead of him. I usually see the Expedition doing spot checks for tractor trailors and other large vehicles but as recently as 5/21/03 doing speed traps too.

91N/S State line of CT 1/2 mi past EX 49 in CT going north

Springfield, MassachusettsMay 23, 20030 Comments

The Median has barriers which have a turn around cut for DOT crew to turn from North to South and vice-versa. Mass State Police sit there various times of the day monitoring traffic. It is a common place to build up speed as the cut is at the bottom a hill and visibility is high. The Cruiser is usually poised to catch people going north from CT into Mass.

I-291 North to 91 and South to 91 Ramps

Springfield, MassachusettsMay 19, 20030 Comments

The state police hide just beyond sight under the Chestnut Street overpass just past Mercy Hospital on your right. You can’t see the troopers because they are hidden by the overpass. Police hide even further on the Southbound Ramp by blending in the trees so they are even further obscured from sight. The speed limit is 45MPH but it is a an open highway and most travelers are going 55-65 on that stretch. It really doesn’t make since for the speed limits to be that low on the straight stretch leading into the overpass. You usually have 2-3 troopers working together where one hits you with the handheld radar and the others chase you down.

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