Westfield, Massachusetts Speed Traps

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Western Ave. and Bates Rd.

Westfield, MassachusettsDec 14, 20021 Comments

Up and down these two roads both MSP and WPD use radars up and down this area. Many Staties drive to and from work in the hilltowns with there radars on looking for overtime. On the curve on Bates Rd. is where Westfield Police usually sits, backed into the brush, and over growth. P.S.- Don’t worry about Westfield State College Poice they have no authority, unless you are on campus.

I-90 between exits 3 and 4

Westfield, MassachusettsFeb 01, 20021 Comments

UNMARKED CIVILIAN CAR!!! late 90’s dark green Pontiac Grand Prix. police antenna on left of the trunk, regular antenna on the right of the trunk. lights just behind the rear seat. I almost passed it, but my radar detector went off, and I noticed the lights. I don’t know if this is a SP car. My friend says that the hilltown police are allowed to use their personal vehicles, and that it might be one of them.

Route 20 (Franklin St.) at the Mass Army Nat’l Guard HQ

Westfield, MassachusettsDec 01, 20010 Comments

This one’s old, and they hardly ever use it anymore, but you can still see a cop there on occasion. I think this might be where the limit changes from 40 to 30 Eastbound.

Route 20 Westbound coming out of West Springfield

Westfield, MassachusettsDec 01, 20011 Comments

Westfield cop, usually marked during the day, and unmarked at night. Just after you cross into Westfield from West Springfield after the Big Y. There’s a curve in the road and an opening on the right side of the road (westbound) which is well covered by trees. If you don’t have a detector, you won’t know he’s there until he pulls you over. Speeds here are generally 50-70mph, while it’s marked 40. Look out for the unmarked cruiser at night. Even if you’re headed Eastbound, he’s hard to spot.

Route 10-202 (Elm St.) between Notre Dame St. (after Mass Pike entrance) and the downtown green

Westfield, MassachusettsDec 01, 20011 Comments

Westfield cops have a number of known places that they hide along this strip. Sometimes they don’t have their radar on, and just want to make their presence felt (to those w/o radar detectors). I’ve seen staties on occasion, too. There’s no posted speed, but you’re usually safe at 40. If you see a cop, gradually slow down to about 35/30.

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