Ann Arbor, Michigan Speed Traps

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Plymouth Rd.

Ann Arbor, MichiganJul 23, 20020 Comments

Plymouth Rd., between Murfin and Nixon Roads is one of the favorite stretches of highway in Ann Arbor for nearly constant trolling by Ann Arbor Police running moving radar. Speed limit should be 50 mph, with this wide, four lane road, an additional center turn lane, and a portion with a median. Speed limit jumps back and forth between 40 and 45 mph. Be on the alert for dark blue Crown Vics., difficult to see markings, with a low profile roof lamp array, or lights all in interior. Ann Arbor has been on K-band radar, but the cars are switching to Ka. Consider Ann Arbor, Michigan one huge speed trap. The city is cash strapped, and the cops are now the tax collectors.

Huron Parkway near Washtenaw Avenue

Ann Arbor, MichiganApr 10, 20020 Comments

Police sit off to the side in the curves just north of Washtenaw Avenue. Road was posted 45 mph a long time ago, then 40, now 35 using a false method of survey for the prevailing speeds. Road should be posted at 50 mph, or maybe even 55.


Ann Arbor, MichiganMar 01, 20021 Comments

Police usually sit on the Eastbound Side of the highway right on the Barton Rd. on-ramp.

M-14 at Barton Drive Exit

Ann Arbor, MichiganOct 01, 20001 Comments

From I-94 east you get on north or what they call east M-14. It goes from 70 mph to 55 mph one mile before Barton Drive. The Ann Arbor cop sits between the off ramp and on ramp in the y that seperates it on Barton Dr. If you see any Ann Arbor cop there call the Ann Arbor Police Department Command Office at (734) 994-2878 tell them that the officer blocking is the view of the people getting on Barton Drive. Just maybe we can shut down that speed trap. good luck!

1. Washtenaw & Stadium 2. Main by Pioneer HS 3. U of M North Campus

Ann Arbor, MichiganJan 01, 20000 Comments

1. Already mentioned, but believe me, they enforce all the time, I learned the hard way.
2. Right by Pioneer High, both directions, usually near the begining and end of the HS school day.
3. Yep, Glazier/Fuller/Bonisteel are notorious. PPL always speeding on the way to class.

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