Bay City, Michigan Speed Traps

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Harrison Street near Cass Avenue

Bay City, MichiganMay 19, 20040 Comments

Police are sitting at this intersection watching for motorists to turn rite at the stop or to be speeding thru there.

On the Woodside -> Midland Curve

Bay City, MichiganAug 03, 20030 Comments

Location: Coming out of Essexville they will be on the right at the old Woolahan Lumber. They back up to the fence to prevent you from seeing them.

Enforcement: Usually it is a Weighmaster attempting to bust the local Aspault Company dump trucks, but sometimes they will switch it up with a regular police car.

US10 right at the 45mph curves before the city

Bay City, MichiganJun 16, 20030 Comments

there is a side street with trees cops like to sit in there and clock people on a regular basis mainly in the afternoon

Marquette Street by Defoe Park

Bay City, MichiganMar 03, 20030 Comments

There are three spots that the police camp out. First, the back of the parking lot. If a person sees it and knows they’re caught, they may think they can get away, but the location is such that they can take off in a heartbeat, and with the intersection one way and the straightaway the other way, they can EASILY follow you or have you stopped. The second location is behind several bushes in the Wheeler’s drive-in area. This is only valid in the winter, because during the summer they can’t block that entrance. The third location is farther down by the Marquette/Hart street intersection. There is a small wooden fence that is large enough to, you guessed it, hide a car. This location is impossible to escape if you’re caught, they can take off quickly in both directions.

Here is my suggestion: Drive around 7 over at the most, they are lenient and won’t bother you at this speed. If you see no one in these three locations, then take off and hope you don’t get in a chase. 🙂

Independance Bridge Northbound

Bay City, MichiganFeb 11, 20030 Comments

Heading over the Independance Bridge in Bay City is a speed trap. Police will sit on the side of the bridge where the bridge attendants park. Sometimes two police cars will be parked there; one will radar northbound, and one will radar southbound traffic. Traffic flow is around 40-45 mph in the 35 mph zone; often the BCPD will pick you out of the crowd to ticket you. (especially teens)

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