Dearborn Heights, Michigan Speed Traps

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S. B. Telegraph at Joy Road

Dearborn Heights, MichiganFeb 11, 20121 Comments

Ticket trap – not speed trap. If you are going to turn right on Joy Rd from S. B Telegraph, be very careful. There is no right turn on Red allowed at that corner. It is posted – but since Joy Rd is not a very busy street I guess I did not think “Right turn on red” would be prohibited there. I did not see the sign and got a ticket for $110 and 3 points. That was my first ticket since the mid 70’s. I guess a good driving record is not a reason to give people a break – at least not to the DHPD. To give you a reference of where this is – it the corner where Randazzos is on the RHS past Joy RD. The officer said they are policing that corner very closely. Be Careful!!

Inkster Road Just South of Hines Park

Dearborn Heights, MichiganMay 03, 20110 Comments

speed limit now 30 during Construction… Radar form side street 1/4 mile into area. Wayne County Sheriff’s in on the act in unmarked Chevy Camaro & Dodge Challenger parked on side or tucked in barricaded area.

SB Evergreen Rd at Ford

Dearborn Heights, MichiganApr 05, 20110 Comments

Evergreen Rd north and south of Ann Arbor Trail is marked 30 miles per hour through a residential area. No problem here. Traveling on southbound Evergreen past Ann Arbor Trail toward Ford Road the homes disappear and the road widens from two to four lanes, but the 30 mph zone remains, even though intuitively a driver would think the speed limit would increase. A cop pulled me over for doing 40 in the 30 zone, but wrote me up for 5 over the limit. He asked me for my driver’s license and nothing else — no registration or proof of insurance. Funny thing is, northbound Evergreen on the direct opposite side of the road where I was pulled over is marked at 40 mph. Go figure it. My lawyer got a plea deal for me, obstructing traffic ($140) replacing the speeding ticket ($90). The lawyer told me it’s got nothing to do with “public safety” but filling the city’s financial coffers. Getting the more expensive obstruction ticket was no sweat. In fact, it’s extremely common, not only in Dearborn Heights but in other municipalities.

Ford Road & Telegraph

Dearborn Heights, MichiganSep 16, 20100 Comments

Going south on Telegraph, you must stop at the sign on Telegraph to make a left turn. Better count to 3 at the stop before proceeding. (Same goes for other stops in the city.) The cop hides in the bank parking lot on the NW corner. Not really a speed trap, but a "stop trap".

Van Born And Campbell

Dearborn Heights, MichiganJul 07, 20101 Comments

They sit across from kmart in the alley between campbell and clippert, sometimes in the old clark station

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