Escanaba, Michigan Speed Traps

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Ludington Street near The street itself.

Escanaba, MichiganOct 20, 20070 Comments

This street in Escanaba is notorious for speed enforcement it is not recommeded that you speed here. It is recommended you just stay at legally posted or even 2 under as esky cops have been known to write for 1-2 over the legally posted limit. Laser is sometimes used at night on this road i encountered it with my blinder m-20 lidar jammer on my wifes car one night and an sti driver both alerted me to it, needless to say i got shot three times! It was definetly legit, although the cop wasn’t ever seen, typical laser hit, they shoot then pick up and run so as not to have their spots picked up on, as with lidar you can only shoot in certain situations. The lidar enforcement has been so far a hear and there thing not all the time. It is rare but it is there you best beleive it! Also, Radar, watch for use of Instant on ka, and k bands, and yes the city of escanaba has pop mode radar, they most often run 33.8ghz ka band radars. There are no ka band falses in town so if you hear it, it’s probably a leaky detector, or legit! Now there is still k band in use in esky as well, there is a k band unit in most of the suv’s in town, esky runs two suv’s a white one and a chrome colored one, cars to look for, impala’s dark grey in color, suv’s chevy type, and now i’ve even hear the state police in gladstone not 5 miles away are running some of the new dodge chargers. Places to watch for, GFS Area of town by the college, all of US-2 is a radar/lidar possiblity, and all of ludington st. Untill you get to the car dealerships the city cops turn around here as this is the end of their jurisdiction. Laser is more commenly seen at night although has been seen in the day twice now. Radar is an every 5 minute occurence on these two roads.

Lidar gun in use you ask? Ultralyte
Radars i’ve seen in use… K band/ ka band bee 3 model with pop mode in use.


US Highway 2 near Before Overpass and Just After GFS on Righthand Side of Road Driveway/Road/Parking Lot

Escanaba, MichiganJul 23, 20060 Comments

Officers like to sit on Right hand side of the road in new impala’s//ghost cars right after the GFS Gorden Food Service building on the right hand side of the road on US-2 if you are heading east on US-2 it is on your right hand side right after GFS there is a parking lot for a repair shop they like to sit right there and shoot people coming from the west to the east on US-2 with prolaser3 watch out! They don’t like to give you scatter if you hit the overpass you passed the lidar trap i am talking about.. They tend to sit here quite randomly there really is no specific time but from what i can tell they like it to be sunny and mid day to later in the evening but not dark … They also like to use instant on pop radar after the overpass on the right hand side of roads in buisness parking lots and roads after bay college as a kid was killed here and they are very uptight about the limits in this region so watch it here as well… Ludington street is also a major place for pop radar and us-2 as well ….bee 3’s


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