Holt, Michigan Speed Traps

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Willoughby Rd., between Cedar and College

Holt, MichiganMay 08, 20030 Comments

There are three major traps on Willoughby, which goes from 45 to 35 at Aurelius, and back to 45 immediately after the last trap. It’s two lanes, and though there are some homes facing the street, it’s pretty rural, and mainly features entrances to subidivisions. Starting from Cedar and driving towards College:

1) The driveway across from the block factory, on the right-hand side of the street. Coming over a 20-foot hill, you’ll see the cop about 1/8 mi away. It’s very easy to come zooming over the hill at 45-50, and he’ll have you cold if you don’t immediately slow down. This trap is actually much more dangerous from the other direction, because the hill in front of the graveyard obscures the view of the cruiser.

2) Once you pass the graveyard, you cross Pine Tree, and go up another 20-foot hill. Once you go over the top, you’ll see that there’s a cross-street right at the bottom of the hill. The cop will be on the left-hand side, parked at the stop sign of the side street, partially hidden by two bushes and a tree.

3) There’s one last hill, and this is the doozy. When you come over the top, you’ll see a 45 Mph sign 200 feet down the road–but there’ll be a cop on the left-hand side. Again, if you come over the hill thinking 45 (and with a farm on one side and a couple set-back houses on the other, it’s a reasonable assumption), you’ll be surprised to get tagged by that cop sitting in the subdivison. The aggravating thing is that 45 Mph sign just a little ways away . . . I know three people personally who’ve been busted by this last one.

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