Jackson, Michigan Speed Traps

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Jackson, MichiganMar 01, 20020 Comments

Police will be at many exits. Rest areas are a common spot for them also. Sometimes there are three cop cars clocking speeds of I-94 traffic. This causes people to slam on their brakes which results in worse traffic than evenly flowing cars.

I-94 west of Jackson

Jackson, MichiganMar 01, 20020 Comments

State Police hidden behind overpass hills, with numerous State Police vehicles for chase and ticketing.

Downtown and the rural roads

Jackson, MichiganJul 01, 20010 Comments

There are many traps in Jackson. I think Jackson is one of the worst cities in Michigan for speed traps. One minute the speed sign might say 45 then without warning in change of speed 200 yards later might be a 25 or 30 mile per hour speed sign. I think it rediculous for speeds to be lowered that dramatic without any warning at all. On one road the speed limit drops dramatically from 40 to 25, the two signs are about 75 yards apart and there is usually a police car hiding behind that bowling alley trying to get a ticket. Jackson also does an awful job at posting speed limits. About two weeks ago I know someone that was going 30 in a 25 zone and was pulled over, the guy said that he didn’t see any speed limit sign for almost two miles. That road could have easily been a 30 or 35 zone. The guy got a ticket and told the judge that the speed wasent posted, there weren’t any points on his drivers license but he still had to pay the ridiculous fine. The rural areas for posting any type of sign are the worst that I’ve ever seen anywhere! I’d say over 70% of Jackson’s rural roads aren’t posted with much signs what so ever. I have never seen one pass and do not pass sign on a road in Jackson unless it’s a major highway. There are hardly any speed limit signs down the roads and most of the roads don’t even have speed limit signs. The State of Michigan Law is that if it’s not posted and the road is in good condition with fairly painted lines it’s 55. But Hawkins is 45 and it’s not posted and the road’s in excellent condition with painted lines! Jackson also uses the cheapest ways to resurface the roads. They put down a tar like substance and then put pebbles on top of it. The roads pebbles chip your paint for a couple weeks and then the stones settle down from cars driving down it. I bet that this city gets a pretty nice check from traffic violations!

Springport Rd. approx. 1 mi east of Airport Rd.

Jackson, MichiganJan 01, 20010 Comments

Springport Rd. is a main 4-lane road access on the north of large strip-mall shopping district. About one mile after turning onto this road, the speed limit drops abruptly from 45 (posted clearly after the turn from Airport Rd.)to 30, for no apparent reason (i.e., no change in type of neighborhood or road condition). There is no easily visible sign. County sheriff car sits behind a billboard, waiting for drivers to continue at their established speed and inadvertenly "speed" into the lower-limit zone.

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