Lansing, Michigan Speed Traps

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Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard near Moores River Drive

Lansing, MichiganFeb 25, 20080 Comments

Squad car sits parked on Pulaski Street or Alsdorf Street just South or Moores River Drive. As you drive South on MLK and come across the Grand River and down the hill speeds tend to drive over 45 MPH as the groups of drivers time the traffic lights. The speed limit is 35 MPH. Police sit at the bottom of this hill and will stop anyone going 45 MPH or higher. They ALWAYS write a ticket. If you aren’t down to at least 40 MPH by the time you get to the bottom of the hill (Pulaski Street) you are most likely in trouble already.

Edgewood Boulevard near American Road

Lansing, MichiganJan 24, 20080 Comments

Officers will usually hide in the parking lot before celebration cinema, sometimes they are on american road checking also. The speed limit is 35 MPH however it feels and flows usually around 45. You can generally get away with doing up to 45 MPH but anything over that and you will get pulled over.

Grand River Avenue near Kensington Avenue

Lansing, MichiganJan 07, 20080 Comments

I was ticketed at G.River and Kensington in October of 2007. I am currently fighting this ticket as it was the first time I drove the street after moving to Lansing. The cop told me he would have let me go w/ a warning, but I had a ticket in 2006 indicating a bad driving record. He was parked at a stop sign on a side road just past the first 25mph sign hidden behind a tree( officer informed me of the sign as I did not see it)and located at the end of a "merge" as the right lane was ending. As I circled back around to find the sign the officer claimed I ignored, he had yet another car pulled over in the same spot. I travel this way at least three to four times per week now, and rarely miss a day that there isn’t someone pulled over in the exact location.

Waverly Road near Holmes Road

Lansing, MichiganDec 18, 20070 Comments

Old drive ways and the business a the base of the bridge heading south bound waverly / Mt.Hope area.They sit throught out the entire day on motorcycles and cruisers. the speed limit is 35 but if you actually go the limit you will be run over by everyone else.

S Pennsylvania Avenue near Bridge by Lansing General Hospital

Lansing, MichiganDec 11, 20070 Comments

As you come south on Pennsylvania Avenue over the bridge near the old Lansing General Hospital. Depending on weather can be motorcycle, cars with radar are in the parking lot at bottom of bridge. Sped zone incrases to 40 at the bottom of the bridge in the 1st 1/2 block. Coming over the hill is is easy to increase speed as you go down the hill to 40-45 mph because of the grade of the hill. I have also seen the officers parked on the side streets as far up as Cavanaugh. The usually hide on the right hand side of Penn Ave on those side streets as well.

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