Paw Paw, Michigan Speed Traps

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Hazen Street to Intersection With 52nd

Paw Paw, MichiganJan 15, 20120 Comments

Not so much a trap as an annoyance coming from Paw Paw, 30 MPH past a hospital and some residences, but the other way, it drops from 45 MPH (which should really be a 55 MPH zone according to my State Trooper friend) to 30 with only one badly placed warning sign. Well patrolled during rush hour by City police, they typically park in driveways and by the cemetery fence. Sheriff and State never watch it (So look for black and whites, not blues).

going northbound on M-40

Paw Paw, MichiganJun 18, 20110 Comments

coming over the hill a cop will likley be sitting in a park parking lot. He will be radaring people coming over the hill at 40 mph. they are well hidden

Dam Road near State Highway Between Rt 40 and Hazen

Paw Paw, MichiganFeb 01, 20080 Comments

Turning off Rt 40 onto westbound Dam Rd posted speed limit is 25 mph and posted speed never changes until it dead ends onto Hazen. The problem is coming off of Hazen onto east bound Dam Rd. the posted speed limit is 35mph for about 1/2 mile before it turns into 25 miles an hour. So you will not get a ticket going east bound going 35 mph until it turns to 25mph but will get one going west bound on the same 1/2 mile stretch of road.

Interstate 94 near Exit Number 60

Paw Paw, MichiganApr 15, 20050 Comments

The trap is anywhere between Exit 60 and 66 off of I-94. In almost every case, it has been a State trooper. I was pulled over going eastbound when the trooper was traveling westbound in the opposite direction. I discussed this fact with the officer which only irritated him into giving me a 15 over the posted 70MPH speed limit. Be careful!

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