Swartz Creek, Michigan Speed Traps

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I-69 Seymour to Morrish

Swartz Creek, MichiganFeb 15, 20160 Comments

Clayton Twp sits in the I-69 turn arounds.

Morrish/Bristol Rd intersetction construction area

Swartz Creek, MichiganAug 03, 20100 Comments

25 Mph zone is “extended beyond reason” –also “no left turn” signs are posted sometimes and sometimes not! It’s more difficult to make a right turn in the area , yet left turn is posted? Clayton Twp and Swartz Creek police are cleaning up. Observed 10 stops in 2 hrs by one motorcycle officer one afternoon on W Bristol .Who knows how many were stopped the other three ways?

Morrish Rd. Road near Interstate I-69

Swartz Creek, MichiganAug 16, 20081 Comments

Cops usually sit in the road to the Genesee Rd. Commission.Within a quarter mile the speed limit goes from 30mph (coming out of Swartz Creek)to 40 mph (in front of The Cage) to 55 mph (just after Bristol Rd.) Watch out, they’ll get you!

Morrish Road near I-69 overpass Expressway

Swartz Creek, MichiganApr 12, 20080 Comments

North of the I-69 overpass on Morrish Road the cops sit with their lights off in the driveway of 2 businesses to catch speeders coming over the overpass where the speedlimit is only 40 until after the next intersection….
South of the I-69 overpass on Morrish Road, the cops sit with their lights off in the church and race track parking lots to catch speeders coming over the overpass at more than the posted 30 MPH

Interstate 69 East near Exit Number 128

Swartz Creek, MichiganOct 18, 20070 Comments

Police set in between eastbound freeway and entrance ramp. They seem to target semi-trucks for the most part. Have seen passenger vehicles stopped as well.


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