West Olive, Michigan Speed Traps

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Ottawa County

West Olive, MichiganJun 20, 20140 Comments

If you are driving at night the Ottawa county sheriff will leave there bright lights on and blind you till the vary last legal foot, check Michigan state police web site for distance, its only like 200 or 400 feet? if you blink your lights on they will not respond, SO! if you leave your lights on or flick them when your too close. BAM!! Puled over!! and they will treat you like you have just robed a Bank.

US-31 and Croswell

West Olive, MichiganJan 21, 20120 Comments

Through personal experience and that of other drivers I have spoken with, be advised that the Ottawa County Sheriff Department routinely conducts over-aggressive enforcement and prosecution of drivers for speeding, broken taillights, tired driving and other minor civil infractions. The sheriff deputies have attempted prosecution of misdemeanor charges for drivers involved in even minor traffic accidents including paint scrapes, broken taillights, and scratched bumpers – even when both parties have exchanged information and taken photos. Further, people have reported that this department may offer cash rewards to gas station and convenience stores for contacting the department when a customer has alcohol on their breath. You might come to a conclusion that this department may be armed tax collectors?

US 31 north of the animal shelter

West Olive, MichiganApr 11, 20100 Comments

They sit right off the highway past a group of trees on the northbound side of the highway. It’s after the animal shelter but before Croswell Street. By the time you see them, it’s too late.

US-31 West Olive to Holland

West Olive, MichiganApr 11, 20100 Comments

State Police and County Deputies patrol this stretch of highway a lot. It’s very easy to drive of the posted 55 mph. I usually see 2 -3 cars pulled over every time I drive this stretch.

US Highway 31 near Port Sheldon Street

West Olive, MichiganJun 17, 20070 Comments

Witnessed laser being used just North of Port Sheldon rd on US-31. Clocking N-bound traffic. Afternoon/evening hours.

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