Faribault, Minnesota Speed Traps

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East of town on Minn. 60.

Faribault, MinnesotaJan 27, 20220 Comments

This was back in the 1980s, but it was somewhat funny in retrospect and perhaps still a speed trap now. When you drive west on 60 into Faribault, you go up a steep incline, and at the top, boom, 30 mph from 55 mph right now. Me and a co-worker were heading to work west on 60 into Faribault, and because we were going downhill now trying to slow down from 55 mph, got pulled over. He was driving, so he interacted with the cop as he wrote up the ticket. As dumb as I was at the time (in my 20s), as the officer was handing over the ticket to my co-worker, I leaned over to the driver-side window and asked him, “Is this the only speed trap in town?” He immediately had us both exit the pickup so he could comb through it and found a roach in the ashtray. My co-worker not only got a speeding ticket, but a possession charge because of my big mouth. Incidentally, the cop told me to stand in front of truck once I got out, and when I moved around at all to try to keep warm (it was about 20 degrees out), he told me to stand still while reaching for his holster. I never did offer my co-worker anything to help him with the fines, etc., and he never asked. Chalk it up to being young and dumb.

7th Street near Western Avenue

Faribault, MinnesotaMar 06, 20080 Comments

Cops sit at the bottom of Western Ave. NW, in the parking lot by the damn.
They nab people coming into town or going out (to/from Roberts Lake) on 7th St., especially over the lunch hour.
The speed limit drops from 45 to 30 pretty early outside of town, so they watch for that, but they’ll get you for anything.

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