Lino Lakes, Minnesota Speed Traps

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From Cty rd 14 at Millers Inn to Lake Peltier Landing.

Lino Lakes, MinnesotaJan 13, 20110 Comments

Don’t Speed on this Road//Avoid This Road if you can—This is revenue Avenue for the Lino Lakes & Centennial Lakes police dept. They will stop you even if you are not doing anything wrong because they can. Exact quote from Officer. It is always –I couldn’t see if you had your belt on. Then will see what we can drum up – speed /lisc plate light/ snow on your lisc plate/turn signal/ headlights are dirty/etc. This is a outrage you talk about unconstitutional, this is it . Since its a border street the Centennial lakes is right in there too– talking the same line. Beware of this area it is sham enforcement Ave.

Interstate 35w near 35W/35E where they separate going south out of forest lake

Lino Lakes, MinnesotaFeb 10, 20040 Comments

A trooper (usually early morning hours) sits in the median right past the bridge after 35W and 35E separate going south out of forest lake. He is on the 35W side, not seen on the 35E side by me ever.

County Trunk J near Ware Road

Lino Lakes, MinnesotaFeb 07, 20040 Comments

There is a Cop sitting in a driveway right before you hit Ware Road down county road J. The speed limit is 50 until ware road and then it changes to 35. Before I saw the cop I slowed down and he still gave me a ticket. Be careful of this one.

County Highway 14 between Interstate 35W and Lake Drive

Lino Lakes, MinnesotaAug 06, 20020 Comments

This stetch of the road is sparsely populated. The speed limit goes from 50 mph to 40mph. If you do not lower your speed AT or before the 40 mph sign, you will be ticketed. I believe they do not ticket anyone unless they are going 50 in the 40.

Lake Drive, west of 35W bridge

Lino Lakes, MinnesotaAug 05, 20020 Comments

There’s a cop out after midnight looking for drunks. Just don’t speed after midnight and you’ll be fine. The cops are fair – i got clocked at 63 in the 55 mph area nearly 2 hours after cerfue and got away with a warning.

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