Hattiesburg, Mississippi Speed Traps

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Interstate 59 near Exit Number 58

Hattiesburg, MississippiApr 14, 20080 Comments

As you approach the Lucedale exit on I-59 there is an overpass. One, two, or Three squad cars will be sitting under the overpass. By the time you see them, they have already clocked your speed! And if you don’t see them sitting under the overpass, don’t punch the accelerator just yet. There could be one at the bridge just down the hill from the overpass, further down the North bound side. They spread out anywhere between exit 58 and exit 60!


Oak Grove Road near Between Weathersby and Westover Roads

Hattiesburg, MississippiMar 30, 20080 Comments

Speed limit is 30MPH, which is ridiculously low, and it is very easy to get pulled over without even realizing you are speeding. Lamar County Sheriff’s don’t park, they just travel the road.


South 40th Avenue near Between Hardy and Lincoln

Hattiesburg, MississippiMar 30, 20080 Comments

They like to hide in driveways and it is a very convenient road (which is why it is so easy to speed).


State Highway 11 near US Highway 98

Hattiesburg, MississippiApr 15, 20041 Comments

This newly acquired strech of road in The Hattiesburg city limits is now a speed trap. This is an old hwy that is more like a country road, but beware city police are staked out behind parked cars,closer to HWY 98, most of the time on motorcycle. They lowered the speed limit to a ridiculus 35 mph from a reasonable 45 that no-one obeyed, b/c county sherrifs don’t have radar. People are getting tickets for 38-40+ MPH. This is a ridiculous excuse to make more money.

4th St. heading towards Stricks.

Hattiesburg, MississippiAug 29, 20030 Comments

I just noticed that Hattiesburg put Photo detection on the street lights on the overpass across from the batting cages on 4th St. be careful. Also HPD and Campus Police sit in the La mason and Fountain Bleu parking lots and run radar, limit is 35, you do over 40 and your caught!

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