Laurel, Mississippi Speed Traps

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16th Ave and intercity

Laurel, MississippiApr 12, 20220 Comments

Cops like to pull people over for “whatever”, give you the smell test, ask where you came from (bar) and then give you the “blow test”!!!! Take the test or go to jail, you better have a plan if you come to Laurel!! They like to sit around local restaurants and bars, just waiting on people coming out. One guy passed the test 5 times, then they wanted him to take the “walk the line test”!!!
Many of the “big White churches” are in the same area. A Police officer is always out there on Sunday giving away tickets for any reasons!! He just loves all those “Stop Signs” , makes the city a lot of money??? Rest of the week, he works HWY 84E, loves those “working people” trying to get to work. Speed limit drops from 65 to 45 to 25!!!

Just West of Laurel on I-59 Northbound

Laurel, MississippiDec 27, 20101 Comments

The speed limit drops from 70 to 50 just before you enter Laurel and the city of Laurel police sit in a hidden location just past the reduce speed sign and trap you before you can slow down.

Interstate 59

Laurel, MississippiAug 20, 20070 Comments

On I-59 in Laurel, MS if you are nearing the infamous "S" curve that they are currently straightening out, beware! Posted speed signs begin WELL in advance on the North end of the curve, where you will most certainly find a squad car pointing a radar at you, and continue on through the curve for about 1/2 mile on the South side. If you are heading North, there is a small curve before you get to the construction and after the speed begins to drop. There is almost always a squad car sitting there with radar, especially during the day. Look out! You can’t see him upon approach. He is on the side of the hill in a little roadway just inside the little curve!

Interstate 59 near Exit Number 95A

Laurel, MississippiFeb 28, 20050 Comments

City police have two locations immediately after speed reduced locatons backed off traffic lanes running radar. These locations are just south of 16th ave exit and just north of Cook ave exit. This stretch includes one of the few 40 MPH speed limits on an Interstate highway in the United States. A real candy jar for the Laurel police.

Just north of Laurel on I-59

Laurel, MississippiDec 19, 20020 Comments

Just north of Laurel on I-59 there are usually one or two cops there who just wait for anyone to speed. They are usually in the same spot (theres even a dirt patch underneath their car since its been there so many times) and they usually grab people at total random. I’ve passed them at 80 without getting a ticket, and passed them at 75 and got a ticket so they make no sense. But be careful, they seem to go after young people.

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