Purvis, Mississippi Speed Traps

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On Baxterville-Purvis Rd, one mile outside city limits

Purvis, MississippiApr 29, 20101 Comments

Lamar county sheriff’s department have found a loop hole for not being able to run radar in their car. They has a portable radar unit they put beside the road, one of the “your speed is” units. They park in the field beside the unit, where can they see the number and will stop you and issue tickets from the radar unit’s displayed number. They try to hide in the trees in the field.

Hwy 11 between Hess and Purvis City Limits

Purvis, MississippiApr 29, 20100 Comments

State troopers patrol this almost every morning when everybody is trying to get to work. As long as you’re going 60 mph or less, they won’t stop you. They back into bushes and under trees to hide.

City limits on Hwy 11

Purvis, MississippiApr 07, 20101 Comments

Either way you are traveling, be sure you are going 35 mph on Hwy 11 in the city limits. City cops sit in the Hancock Bank parking lot and other places and Highway Patrol will also pull you over through that area.

Purvis-Baxterville Road near City Limit Sign coming into town

Purvis, MississippiApr 09, 20080 Comments

When you are coming into town on Purvis-Baxterville Road, it’s downhill immediately after the Purvis City Limit sign and speed limit sign of 45 mph so really watch your speed. The police will sit in the car repair parking lot or up the hill, backed into a tiny driveway beside a pond, hidden by overgrowth. When they hide there, the speed limit sign right beside them is 30 mph. They will also sit in the National Guard Amory parking lot and First Baptist Church parking lot to run radar.


State Highway 589 near Interstate 59

Purvis, MississippiApr 09, 20080 Comments

When you take the Purvis exit from Interstate 59, make sure you’re going 60 mph or less when you get on Hwy 589. The Purvis cops will sit in the driveway of the FEMA Trailer lot, the road beside the trucking business, parking lot of the trucking business and the road beside the Graham Building, running radar. They also like to set up road blocks here.


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