Foley, Missouri Speed Traps

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highway 79 near foley, mo

Foley, MissouriJun 08, 20150 Comments

This town is the worst. Coming out of Foley the speed limit abruptly changes from 30 to 60 and apparently you cannot accelerate to 60 until you are PAST the 60mph sign because as the lady officer kept repeating (i swear that’s all she she knew how to say) “speed limit in foley is 30.” She was like a broken tape recorder and there was no reasoning with her. Out of principle I DO NOT want to give them a cent of my money, but I’m wondering if the hour drive is worth it.

On highway 79 right at this towns city limits

Foley, MissouriMay 12, 20130 Comments

Ever heard of a town called Foley Missouri? It is only about a mile long but it sits on a HIGHWAY where the speed limit goes from 60 to 30 and you better be on your brakes. The worst part is not the $180 ticket but the points on my license that will make me look like I was drag racing up main street instead of on a highway. The entire police and fire dept must receive all revenue for the one policeman in town.

South End of the City Limits

Foley, MissouriSep 01, 20121 Comments

The female cop for the city is very impressed with herself and her big SUV Police vehicle. The speed limit changes from 60 MPH to 30 MPH with no warnign signs. She sits on a side road just past the sign and will pull anyone over. She freely tells you she does not give warning tickets because you might have killed someone. Also refuses to let you see the Radar gun. She also lets you know the city needs the revenue. Definite speed trap. Aviod this city and don’t spend any money there.

Throughout Foley

Foley, MissouriAug 27, 20120 Comments

They will not only give you a ticket for going over a mile over the speed limit. They will give you failure to stop at a stop sign even if you do. THIS PLACE IS A JOKE

Coming in to town from the south heading north

Foley, MissouriJul 04, 20113 Comments

I was driving headed up to Hannibal (mistake… road was closed miles up without warning), I was coming at about 50 MPH into an obvious really small town. About 100 feet ahead I saw a 30 MPH speed limit sign. I looked at my dad and said, "There’s a 30 MPH sign, I’d better do it or I’ll get a ticket for sure in this town. As I passed right along side the sign I glanced at my speedometer and I was doing right on 30 MPH. No cars in sight. All of a sudden about 2 or 3 hundred feet ahead the lights came on. I thought he couldn’t be after me because I was doing 30. Wrong! He said he clocked me at 50. I commented that when I was passing the sign I was doing 30. He said I had warning signs further back. I was not about to argue with him. I knew better. He was in an unmarked car and was not dressed in what I would consider a uniform… it was more like a t-shirt. As he went back with my license to his car, I joked to my dad that if he tickets me I hope he uses the money to buy a uniform. Well, he can buy several uniforms now. He popped me with a $166.50 ticket. It is difficult to maintain respect for law enforcement when you got this type of thievery going on with an authority packing a badge, a gun, and a ticket book. Disgusting!

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