Lake Winnebago, Missouri Speed Traps

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M-291from South City limit to the north City limit

Lake Winnebago, MissouriNov 04, 20130 Comments

The Lake Winnebago cops like to increase their revenue. A word to the wise, watch and obey the posted speed limit signs, (I always set cruise control on 43 and have yet to be stopped except one time I gave him a hard stare and he pulled me over saying i crossed over the yellow line. I don’t think so, Not hardly! he just need a reason to stop someone. If you are driving at night, look out, they are everywhere you least expect them!

Hwy 291

Lake Winnebago, MissouriJul 06, 20130 Comments

Was following the Lake Winnebago police in one of their $50,000 unmarked SUVs when he suddenly slowed down on the bridge catching me off guard. I didn’t realize it was a police “car” until he drove onto the shoulder and turned the lights on. Obviously I fell for the setup and got a ticket and lecture from a very rude Officer Case for following to close. Probably could have avoided the lecture but I felt obligated to tell him he was dangerous. I am almost 50 and have never had a ticket until now. People give me a hard time because I drive slow. This time, I wasn’t speeding and wasn’t following too close. Just fell for something that was designed to make money. These guys are creating very dangerous situations to line their pockets. I drive through there everyday and I have actually seen worse. Look out. They are not there to protect and to serve.

MO 291- Lake Winnebago

Lake Winnebago, MissouriMar 10, 20130 Comments

The very short stretch of interstate running alongside (not through) Lake Winnebago is more than just a speed trap. It’s a revenue trap.

I was pulled over (lights and siren) by a Lake Winnebago Police Officer – after I was already in Lee’s Summit – for not having a license plate on the front of my car. My husband was driving, but Interestingly, the officer ran my license as well.

The most convincing thing to support the fact that this trap is not intended to protect the public, but rather exists for the main purpose of generating revenue is this: I was pulled over and received a $100 fine for something that no other officer has ever even mentioned during past stops. On the back of my citation, everything from dog barking (yes, dog barking), to a tail light out, to 10 miles over the speed limit is $100, with the following exceptions….failure to wear a seatbelt: $10, Failure to properly restrain a child: $54, Failure to wear a motorcycle helmet: $25. And by the way, my record is otherwise clean. Why not issue a warning and give me a chance to fix it??

Thus proving, I think, that in Lake Winnegabo the things that can kill you are less imperative than grabbing money for the things that won’t. Shame on you and your highway robbery, Lake Winnebago

M-291 Highway

Lake Winnebago, MissouriMay 02, 20101 Comments

Lake Winnebago has M291 Highway from the Jackson/Cass county line South to M-58 Highway. Part of that roadway is 45 mph so watch the signs. The section of roadway from 163rd Street South is in the "city" of Lake Winnebago, ONLY the roadway. As a 4th Class city in Missouri they must START a persuit of a violator from INSIDE their city. If they are sitting OFF the highway right-of-way running their radar and from this position they persue you and write you a ticket the ticket is ILLEGAL. They sit in the church lot at 171st and 291 and in some trees North of 171st Street. Both of these locations are NOT in their city!!! The Winnebago police work 291 Highway HARD for their revenue.

State Highway 291

Lake Winnebago, MissouriJun 19, 20081 Comments

Anywhere inside the city limits on 291, approx 1.5 miles
Police sit along the side of the road in unmarked Ford Explorer or unmarked Dodge Charger

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