Town And Country, Missouri Speed Traps

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Interstate 64

Town And Country, MissouriJan 08, 20071 Comments

Town and Country is full of spots. When Heading West they sit on the left side of highway right after crossing highway 270 hidden by a median. They stand or park on every over pass between 270 and 141 so keep your eyes up there. Right before getting to 141 they sit on the outter road in the entrance’s of the offices shooting laser. Another favorite spot is right after 141. As you are driving over 141 if you look to the right there will be the entrance ramp from 141 onto west bound I-64. You may have seen construciton equipment parked there over the summer of 2006. Well there is enough space for the a car to park perpendicular to the highway there. They love to shoot laser from this spot. For east bound, again watch all overpasses for cop cars parked or people standing with a radar gun. Between 141 and Mason watch all drives and entrances. They particularly like to sit in the entrance’s of both rest homes. After passing 141 est bound on the right side there will be a gated sub-division. about 20 yards east of this entrance is a some kind of dirt access road perpendicular to I-64. They love to shoot laser from there as well. I have left alot of money in town in country from cops sitting in these spots and I drive this stretch everyday at different times. The best I can tell be careful around 8-10 AM 2-5PM on weekdays. Weekends vary but Sunday between 6:00 AM and 12 PM are hot. Saturday and Friday nights they patrol very heavyily for drunks between 11-2 maybe three in the morning. (Also, Town and Country is #1 in the state for DWI’s) I hope I have saved you from some tickets. Be careful and don’t get caught:)

Interstate I-64 near State Highway 141

Town And Country, MissouriDec 10, 20050 Comments

Town & Country PD love to set on the West side of the highway shooting East at the oncomming traffic. Right at Hwy 141 & I-64. Sometimes they will sit off in the grass and sometimes they will sit on the road just past the hill. K, KA, and Laser used.

State Highway MO- 141 near Highway Department Building

Town And Country, MissouriDec 10, 20050 Comments

Town & Country sits just next to the Highway Department Building shooting at cars comming north on 141. Just as you crest the hill comming from Clayton Rd. Keep the speed limit atleast till I-64!

Interstate I-64 near Interstate I-270

Town And Country, MissouriDec 10, 20050 Comments

Town & Country will use K band, KA band , and Laser from the west bound lanes of I-64 @ I-270. Where the extra pavement is next to the wall as you crest the corner and hill of I-270.

Interstate 64 near Interstate 270

Town And Country, MissouriMay 14, 20051 Comments

Town & Country cops have highest DWI rating in MO from their late night trap in center median just after I-64 crosses over I-270, they write hundreds of tickets every month and convert a large # to DUI. But they are sitting still so if you’ve got a fast car and get on the gas before they get going you can smoke them.

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