Van Buren, Missouri Speed Traps

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Hwy 60

Van Buren, MissouriOct 18, 20190 Comments

We pulled into the McDonald’s in town and in the short length of time it took to get our order, their cop in his SUV had pulled over 2 vehicles. I had not driven through this area in a long time so I was unaware of any trap but lucked out this time since the officer had someone pulled over the whole brief time we were in the area.
It does no good to have a four lane highway when you’re forced to slow way down in order to avoid being stopped in these numerous, little po-dunk, speed trap towns, who use traffic ticket revenue as a primary source of revenue to operate their little one horse town. I will avoid traveling from Springfield to Cape Girardeau on this road ever again, going instead to St. Louis and then south on I-55.
By comparison, a similar 4 lane highway, Hwy 277 from Wichita, Texas to Abilene, when they converted from a two land to a four lane, the State of Texas had the good sense to bypass almost all the little towns along the way, thus expediting travel. Not only that but it’s 75 mph most of the way!! Missourians should be ashamed for allowing this!!

On HWY 60 in the town of Van Buren.

Van Buren, MissouriFeb 21, 20180 Comments

4 lane major highway. don’t know if entire length of speed zone is in city limits. The speed zone runs for maybe two miles. Population 828. 65 down to 55. City police issued ticket. Gave me a “menu” of prices for fines. almost all were 199.50 regardless of speed. I don’t mind paying the fine. I was speeding. I don’t like being gouged. Missouri already has a bad rep for this. Ironically this town is on a National Scenic Riverway. I’m pretty sure many people depend on the tourist dollar in this area. Guess what? This is 2018. Tourists I’m pretty sure are not wanting to return to a place where they have been royally screwed.

Missouri Highway 60 Van Buren, Mo

Van Buren, MissouriNov 30, 20160 Comments

I know many people who have been stopped in Van Buren. The speed limit changes so abruptly on a busy interstate highway that anyone who is not familiar with it will not have time to slow down until they have passed the sign. I estimate they are making well into 6 digits or more a month with this speed trap, profiting even more during holiday months. I watched them just pull one person after another over on holiday weekends. I would guess they don’t even break from these famous traffic stops for lunch. Floaters, passerthroughers, campers, vacationers, rafters BEWARE of Van Buren, Mo. God forbid they caught someone with any kind of contraband, they would nail them to the wall good. In their backwoods country county, where the people are rude as can be. Steer clear of Van Buren if at all possible.

Highway 60

Van Buren, MissouriNov 30, 20160 Comments

Just to be on the safe side slow down to 20 miles under the speed limit when you get close to Van Buren. Although they still may find reason to pull you over at least you tried to avoid paying their “hidden toll.”

Van Buren Mo state hwy 60

Van Buren, MissouriNov 03, 20140 Comments

going up the hill its 65 coming down the hill it 55…
Trooper was at the bottom of hill and turn on his red light as soon as i top the hill the speed limit sign was just after crest of hill..

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