Hawthorne, Nevada Speed Traps

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Near Schurz

Hawthorne, NevadaApr 29, 20190 Comments

Indian Reservation, jeep vehicle. Near fork in highways between Highway 95 and Alt 95, speed limit is 55 past gas station, looks like it should be back to 65 or 70 by then. Got hit for doing 60 in a 55, ticket for $195, then another $20 to pay online.

at the beginning of the city (south end) on the 95

Hawthorne, NevadaAug 29, 20170 Comments

We had just turned off from Bishop, CA to the 6 then on the 95 through Hawthorne. The speed limit was 70 and suddenly dropped to 55MPH with roughly 100 feet to slow down 25 MPH, and then dropped from 55MPH to 35 MPH with only 100 feet between signs there.
I could easily read the next speed limit sign as I was approaching the one before it. As I approached the 55MPH sign I could also read the 35 MPH sign ahead. I was in a loaded down Honda VAN, there is no way I could slow from 70- 35 with only 200-300 feet, not safely anyhow.

US Highway 95 near City Limit Sign

Hawthorne, NevadaJan 02, 20081 Comments

About 3 1/2 miles south of the actual town, on US 95, is a "City Limits" sign. The town itself is so obviously well in the distance, and your surrounding area so completely barren, that your first reaction is that the sign is some kind of joke. Then—the Speed Limit 25 sign appears. You now have 0.5 seconds to react, by slamming on your brakes or throwing out an anchor. Otherwise—be prepared for an encounter with a grinning cop, who has been waiting just over a little rise (with all his lights off, if it’s at night). If you examine this portion of the road and the placements of the signs, it becomes evident that those placements were carefully selected for maximum deception.


US Highway 95 near MacDonalds

Hawthorne, NevadaOct 03, 20072 Comments

North on 95, after clearing built up area and MacDonalds, nothing but desert (and Army ammunition depot in distance)on both sides. 4 lane highway with 35MPH limit for about 3 miles north until well clear of RR track. Low limit is allegedly justified by "ammunition trains." Pay attention because unconscious urge is to speed up – you have cleared the town.

US Highway 95 near Mid Walker Lake

Hawthorne, NevadaAug 25, 20042 Comments

Travelling thru as a tourist, south on the 95 around Walker Lake. Posted was 60 MPH, but changed to 50 MPH near a restaurant/motel/store (not sure). Was admiring the Lake and did not see change in limit. H. Patrol sitting on side, facing South, up a dirt ramp with radar. Clocked me at 65, cited me for 60 in a 50.

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