Minden, Nevada Speed Traps

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East Valley Road, Minden Nevada

Minden, NevadaAug 10, 20160 Comments

East Valley Road in Minden Nevada between Johnson Lane and Fish springs road is a 4.9 mile wide open desert road (pretty too). Its starts out a 25 MPH, goes to 35, up to 45, back down to 35, then down to 25 again. It is very easy to miss the signs or to forget what they were over the many miles (they are only posted once). It is also very easy to drift up in speed as the road is wide open and safe speed is around 60 . Many, many tickets are written on this road. Put your cruise control on and stay at 25 to be safe: you will have to pull over a lot. Or it is best just to stay off it.

South Santa Barbara Dr. in Saratoga Springs by park

Minden, NevadaFeb 08, 20110 Comments

Motorcycle cop hides in the park parking lot behind a tree. Sometimes in the side street across from the park. Wide road easy to go over 25mph. Will ticket you if you go 1mph over 25mph. Retired people call the cops all the time to ticket people. Beware!

Hwy. 88 at the round about near Douglas HS and Carson Valley Swim Center‎

Minden, NevadaMar 12, 20101 Comments

Heading toward Kirkwood out of the round-about the speed limit stays @ 25mph until you cross over the bridge – then increases to 40mph and finally to 55mph nearing the CVVet. NHP loves to hang out on the residential streets along this stretch and they nail people who haven’t paid attention and automatically accelerated well beyond 25mph out of the 15mph round-about. it’s easy to overlook, especially if you’re distracted by the chaos of the round-about and in a hurry to move past it. Be safe out there!

Marker 9 to 5 HWY 395

Minden, NevadaJun 10, 20020 Comments

One vehicle will slow you down traveling at 48 mph then speed up to about 63 and slow again to 48 when you adjust your speed to the speed limit again at the time you come upon the motorist in front of you and adjust again if you are too close to the vehicle in front of you you will get a ticket for "Following too close" Even when traveling at speed limit or below speed limit. The observation of the distance you are "following" is based on an instantaneous observation and not a fair observation of how you are or have adjusted your speed to the erratic motorist in front of you. The way the motorist was driving was in concert with the location of the officer. There is no way I can prove if they are working together or if the motorists action in front of me were as if they may have been picking up radar signals on a radar detector? But this motorist was driving in a manner anybody following would be in a position to have to adjust his distance and be unable to maintain a consistent flow of his speed without coming upon the behind of the vehicle impeding the flow of traffic.

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