Auburn, New Hampshire Speed Traps

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101 eastbound just after exit 1

Auburn, New HampshireSep 03, 20120 Comments

Local smokie on the right side of the road target shooting. Slow down before Exit 1 and you’ll be fine.

Annalue Drive near Scottwood Drive

Auburn, New HampshireOct 26, 20070 Comments

Officers sit in church parking lot on the corner.

Every Road

Auburn, New HampshireMay 14, 20040 Comments

Auburn, in the name of "protecting the children," has now become one large speed trap. The irony is there are never any children playing in the steets. It’s a small town with lots of woods and water, and few streets, so there is no opportunity or reason for kids to play in the streets. The cops now just drive around triggering their radar at every car they see. There is virtually no crime here, so this has become the town’s income, and something to keep the cops busy apparently. The speed limits are unreasonably low, and driving at a speed that would be reasonable anywhere else will get you a speeding ticket here. And fighting a ticket is futile. The judges are in on it too. What’s worse, I was told I was going 15 MPH faster than I was! It wasn’t even radr in my case (I was "clocked"), though my radar detector goes off constantly here. Something needs to be done, but who knows what.

Rt. 28 By-Pass, Lake Massabesic

Auburn, New HampshireJun 10, 20030 Comments

Heading north on the by-pass through Auburn you cross over a small bridge and begin to climb a hill. You then reach the crest of the hill and begin your decent. Near the bottom of the hill the speed limit changes from 45mph to 30mph. On the south bound side of the road is where you would find a Auburn Police Cruiser nicely wedged into a small opening (the first gate before the small creek). I’ve seen on a couple occasions the car very deep into this opening so it was totally hidden from view, and the officer using the gun out away from the car along the side of the road. Typically checking northbound traffic, although I’ve seen one doing both directions as well.

Hooksett Rd going towards the town (about a mile from exit 2 off 101)

Auburn, New HampshireAug 11, 20020 Comments

The local PD usually park their vehicle on Lake Forest Drive (The Village of Lake Forest) and use a radar gun at traffic coming from both directions.

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