Canaan, New Hampshire Speed Traps

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The whole miserable town of Canaan, NH is a speed trap

Canaan, New HampshireDec 04, 20170 Comments

Canaan, NH is a town which has such high property taxes that people who live there cannot even sell their houses to get out of there. This town spends a lot of money to have their own police department, which employs lots of cops who seem to have very little to do, so they pass their time by bothering and ticketing passing motorists. Often they exaggerate the alleged offense to make themselves appear more important. Boycott Canaan, NH.

Roberts Road

Canaan, New HampshireOct 01, 20120 Comments

Set up weekends when school sporting events taking place. Targets out of state motorists

Routes 118 and Route 4

Canaan, New HampshireJul 24, 20110 Comments

Canaan cops hide along Routes 118, Route 4, and also in the Main Street part of town and stop passing motorists. Canaan is a small nothing town with too many cops who do not have enough to do, so this is what you get. I went to court to contest an exaggerated ticket that I received there, and the cop who wrote that ticket lied in court and used what sounded to me like a rehearsed script. Canaan is a crooked speed trap town and motorists should avoid it.

Various Locations Along State Route 118 and U.S. Hwy. 4

Canaan, New HampshireFeb 03, 20100 Comments

Canaan police hide along State Route 118 and U.S. Hwy. 4 and stop passing motorists. If you do not live in the town of Canaan, NH, you will receive a ticket instead of a warning.

State Route 118 near State Route 118

Canaan, New HampshireMay 25, 20070 Comments

Part time cop lurks along Route 118 and tickets passing out of town motorists. Cop exaggerates the speed. Tickets are bogus but, if you go to court, the judge believes him. Avoid this ticket happy town.

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