Greenland, New Hampshire Speed Traps

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Ocean Road near Nike Warehouse

Greenland, New HampshireFeb 21, 20110 Comments

The local PD has been parking right on the town line looking for people flying over the I-95 overpass. People leaving the residential area of Ocean Road heading towards the truckstop should also slow to 35 mph, as they are busting people both ways.

Winnicut Rd & Portsmouth Ave (near Gowens Self Storage)

Greenland, New HampshireNov 10, 20090 Comments

Police sitting at driveway of Gowens Self Storage at night time and hide in driveway.

Fish and Game Rd & Portsmouth Ave (near Sign a Rama)

Greenland, New HampshireNov 10, 20090 Comments

Police will hide along Rt 33 at 2 locations. 1. Sign a Rama parking lot towards back of lot. 2. About 1/4 mile past Sign a Rama… On right on grassy hill hidden by bushes on right hand side as road bends to left just before Cumberland Farms. If coming from from opposite direction (passing C farms on right) slow down as the bushes would now obviously be on your left.

Portsmouth Ave & Hudson Dr

Greenland, New HampshireOct 28, 20090 Comments

Posted speed limit: 25 MPH, but people go faster because later down the road, speed increases to 35 MPH. LOCATION 1: Coming from Rt.33 and turning right onto Portsmouth Avenue from the highway, as the road curves to the right, Greenland PD will sometimes either hide on the left side of the road and catch you as you round that bend in the road, or will hide up on the crest of the hill on the right hand side until you dont see them until the last minute. In afternoon hours with bright sunshine, it is almost impossible to see them because the sun can hit your eyes thus obscuring them from view in both locations. 2. LOCATION 2: As you continue down Portsmouth avenue, another hiding spot is just as you approach the top of the hill going down Portsmouth avenue, they will hide on the left hand side of the road just before Newington Rd turn off (big yellow gate which is rear entrance to Target Dept. store.) and try to tag you as you come from the top of the hill towards Newington Rd. Moderate activity in the morning and afternoon work commute hours from 7-9 and then from 5:00 – 6:30 PM. NOTE: Sometimes they will place a radar trailer in the same vicinity on that road. Usually once every 2 months for a week.

95 Expressway near 95 Expressway

Greenland, New HampshireMar 07, 20060 Comments

Officers hide behind the cement walls of the over passes.

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