Troy, New Hampshire Speed Traps

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Rt 12

Troy, New HampshireMay 29, 20130 Comments

Cops in Troy pull me over every time I drive through the town on route 12 (all 2 miles of it) because I drive a European sports car. Basically the entire town is a speed trap (unless if you’re a half-drunk local driving a POS pickup truck, then apparently you can tailgate and swerve and do whatever the hell you want!).

I drive *extremely cautiously* in this town because of that, and I still get pulled over. I never get a ticket, though (usually just a verbal warning). I take this to mean "don’t come back to our town" (and trust me, I try not to). In close to 20 years of driving, I have only ever gotten 1 speeding ticket, and have never had issues with being pulled over before.

I plan to avoid driving through this town in the future, and will avoid doing business with any of the local small businesses. It’s a shame, but the cops there seem to be on some sort of mission.

If anyone in the police department sees this, please think about how your actions affect your town and community. Profiling drivers based on the car they’re driving just reinforces the negative image that many have of small town police departments. It also makes your "quaint New England town" (which I don’t think it qualifies as) seem extremely unappealing and unwelcoming.

And also, yes further north on Route 12, if you’re heading south into Troy it goes from 55 (downhill) to 30 all of a sudden and I’ve seen cop cars sitting right there. At night these signs are even harder to see since apparently nobody in New Hampshire believes in street lights of any sort.

State Route 12

Troy, New HampshireDec 04, 20031 Comments

These guy’s are insane. I don’t know if they are bored or what but rt. 12 anywhere in Troy watch the signs. it goes from 55 to 30 at the top of the hill before the fire station heading north. I can think of about six small hiding spots spread out all over. My advice: its a small town. just take it easy all over town.

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